Poems and Essays:

😶, 💩, 😞: Ravi Shankar

A Villanelle after Trump: Kimiko Hahn

Alchemy; House: Grace Cavalieri

Ammi, A Prayer: Adeeba Shahid Talukder

Amulet; What I Dwell On; Uninvited Guests; Teeth; What We Shall Become; Dybbuk; There for the Grace; War Doesn’t Want; Far-flung: Barbara Goldberg

Annus Mirabilis: Kirk Greenway

Arrivals: Dominique Hecq

Art in Times of Crises, Volume I

Art In Times of Crises, Volume II

Blue Coronet, Grey Area, Eighteen, Il passagio della morte (Passage of Death): Dawad Philip

Brag: Karl Carter

Cabinet of curiosities; Far Planet: Marc Vincenz

Cauchemar des feuilles (The Leaves’ Nightmare);Arbre mort( Dead Tree); Règne des cendres (Reign of Ashes); Prologue (Prologue): Denizé Lauture, translated by Keith Cohen

Chopin in Exile; Playing Brahms’ Intermezzo in A Major: Carol Jennings

Citizen’s Arrest; Pine Hollow Convict; Fertility Doctor: Margo Taft Stever

Coming Home To A Mangrove Forest, Diana Woodcock

Dear Eastern: Don Berger

Deferment; Count: Luther Jett

Dig, Find, Make Way

Drowning; Family Dinner: A Metaphysical Check-In; Escape and Loss; Eyes of the Dead: Kristin Kowalski Ferragut

Either way, the fact remains; where once she danced: Anne Casey

El Sueño del Mundo (Dream of the World): Ada Zapata-Arriarán, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

ESTÁN MUERTOS (THEY ARE DEAD); NÓMINA DE HUESOS (PAYROLL OF BONES): Jorge Ureta Sandoval, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Flamenco: Alexis Soto (translated by Allyson Lima)

For The Freddies (And Curtis Mayfield): Bernardine (Dine)Watson

Four Poems in Response to “Julius Caesar”

From A Series about Calcutta: Naveen Kishore

From the Editors: Conserving Home

Gerry & Ray; A Hive; School Bully Song: John Wall Barger

Godmother; Sheet Music; Microelectronic Sonnet: Terence Patrick Winch.

Goodbye Bouquet; New York in Our Hearts; Alone: Jennifer Rathbun

Graph; Thickness: Marie-Ange Claude

Great music: Dmitry Blizniuk

He Couldn’t Swim; The Year Before The Virus; Small Wars: Mervyn Taylor

Homeward endlessly homeward (sigh): Kirk Greenway

Homing; Come and find me; Singularity: Anne Casey

Honest Hope: Stephen Paul Miller

Hong Kong: Anonymous

House Musicians: Allyson Lima

How We Crumble: Jalyce E. Mangum

In the Weeds; What I Had and What I Lost; What Remains: Susana Case

Inner Light; What do you make; What are you drinking; Not traveling: Joan Mazza

Interludes at Union Station; Colony Collapse Disorder: Raga Ayyagari.

Interview with Sterling A. Brown

Introduction to The Virtual Salon Issue

Issue 21.1 Introduction

Je suis Paris, Never Haiti: Luz Stella Mejía

Le chien (Dog), Dieu (God), L’ombre qui boite (The Limping Shadow); Une mésange (A Chickadee): Alexis Bernaut

Lockdown Aubade on Rimsky-Korsakov’s Birthday; Zooming to Elysian Fields: Nancy Naomi Carlson

Man crying, raw footage(Llorando en crudo), Rising Waters (La crecida): Luis Bravo, translated by Catherine Jagoe & Jesse Lee Kercheval

Marching On; Sophia Naz.

Melanie Janisse Barlow. Thicket. (Palimpsest Press, 2019) Reviewed by John Wall Barger

Mientras nacen las ciudades (While cities are born), Natalia Gomez, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Migraine; ‘America is Dead’: Serena Agusto-Cox


My Russia, from SOVIET TEXTS, Dmitri Alexandrovich Prigov– translated by Simon Schuchat with Ainsley Morse

Mycophobia: Jeannine M. Pitas

Nafas in the Kitchen; To the Israeli Officer Who X-rayed and Swabbed Our Mother’s Ashes: Zeina Azzam

National Poetry Festival 1962

Necessity; Lines In A Time of Lockdown; When You Are Called; Does Not Your Experience…: Bonnie Naradzay

No hables de la belleza (Do not speak of beauty); Y sin embargo algo nos eleva, algo nos salva (And nevertheless something raises us, something saves us); Esta vez (This time): América Merino, translated by Katrin Rahe

Note to An Old Friend: Nancy Lefenfeld

Offbounce: Jules Desroches

Ogres (Ogros), From the same kettle (Del mismo caldero): Linda Morales Caballero, translated by the author

Our Situation By W. Luther Jett: Reviewed by Kristin Kowalski Ferragut

Passer domesticus: Mark Pawlak

Père Lachaise Cemetery, 1991: William Notter


Poem about Love (Not a Love Poem): James McKee

Poem, Valentina Rojas: Translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Poems, Renato Sandoval: Translated by Roxana Peramás

Poet Biographies Issue No. 21.1

Qué empieza, qué termina (What begins, what ends) Álvaro Mata Guillé, translated by Daniela Bliss

Robert Penn Warren’s First Term Office and House

Saline Drip; Love in the Time of Corona; Obituary; Hope: Light Leaks; Asthma; Quarantine; Newsreel: Sudeep Sen

Selected Haiku from The Magic of Madagascar: Abhay K.

Selektion (1943): Michael H. Levin

Self-Driven: Ariel Montoya, translated by Silvia Rafti

Self-Portrait with Ball; Lament for an Accountant (1959); A Memorable Occasion: Opening the Doors; At the orphanage Lee told another kid that; On a Contemporary Locution: Baron Wormser

Shock, Enrique Bernales Albites: Translated by Sarli E. Mercado and Lori DiPrete Brown

Slack Tide, Massey’s Landing, David Salner

Sonnet 130; Sonnet 129: Liza Achilles

Sonny Boy Williamson I: Clifford Bernier

Sunday Drive, Legacy of the Golden Calf, Lock-Down Three Times, Social Distancing Three Times: Don Krieger

sunset from the cliffs; when it drops you gonna feel it: Karren LaLonde Alenier

The Aquarium: Lalita Noronha

The arc of the rainbow has only one arrow: Kirk Greenway

The Blue Years; When The Sky Is Upside Down: E. Ethelbert Miller

The Boatman: Carolyn Forché

The Collector; Global Warning: W. Luther Jett

The Fire That May Never Come; Don’t Wait Until the Bitter End: Alison Palmer

The Imperial Cockroach; The South, Entropy: Jonathan Harrington

The Melancholy Sound Of Fog Horns; To Merope, Somewhere In The Sky: Stephen Dunn

The New Normal: Gillian Thomas

The Nora Arcane, The Gaza Arcane: Jack Hirschman

The Pure: Adeeba Shahid Talukder

The Snares of This World; Walking the River: Roberto Christiano

The Succubus Visits Potus; Letter In Lockdown; Ava Tells The White Audience Again; A Few Months In; The Need For Herd Immunity: Cathy Gonick

The Summer Without a Bug, Bruce Spang

The Viscosity of Corona Time: Carol Jennings

There are No Black Bears in My State, Ron Riekki

Thirteen Moons: Mark Pawlak

Three Poems

Three Poems

Tu as marché nue dans mes rêves ( You walked naked in my dreams): Cherlie Rivage, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Two Poems

Viral Dream: Rana Bitar

Visiting the Convent at San Marco; On Expecting a Notice of Eviction: Catherine Gonick

Vodka in the Freezer; puddles: Caleb Knight

When I’m Gone, I’ll Come Back as a Window; You Won’t Know This Love; Love in the Arctic: Claudia Serea

Why I couldn’t sleep until morning: Tara Campbell

You Do Not Have to Be Good: Madeleine Barnes