Linda Morales Caballero

Ogres (Ogros), From the same kettle (Del mismo caldero): Linda Morales Caballero, translated by the author


These awkward days
of giant ogres and
destruction stories
collapse watchtowers
in my soul.

The rubble, manipulated
in my heart
by friendly hands
and panting dogs,
sprouts life out of love.

While the earth shakes the anger
men have planted on her spine:
endless losses
grow hieroglyphics.


Estos días incómodos
de gigantescos ogros e
historias de destrucción
colapsan atalayas
en mi alma.

Los escombros
manipulados en mi corazón
por manos amigas
y jadeantes perros,
germinan vida por amor.

Mientras la tierra sacude la ira
que los hombres han plantado
en su columna vertebral:
interminables pérdidas
cultivan jeroglíficos.

From the same kettle

My circuits spark
silly, tiny little 
that compromise
my tightrope rhythm.

I blink and millions of particles
swim away from my atoms…
our dust affects
others’ reactions.

We all are the pulse
of this secret riddle,
inwards mystery
exuding questions,
souls from the same kettle.

Del mismo caldero

Mis circuitos brillan
tontas pequeñas
angustias que arriesgan
mi ritmo por la cuerda floja.

Parpadeo y millones de partículas
nadan lejos de mis átomos…
nuestro polvo afecta
las reacciones de otros.

Todos somos el pulso
de este acertijo secreto,
misterio interior
exudando preguntas.
Almas del mismo caldero.

Linda Morales Caballero (Peru) writer, journalist and professor graduated Cum Laude from Hunter College. with a BA in Hispanic Literature, Media Communications and a Master's in Hispanic Literature. She has worked for CUNY, the New York Department of Education and the United Nations. She has been a correspondent for El Comercio and has collaborated with Caretas, both from Lima, Peru. She has been a panelist at CUNY conferences and was honored by LACUHE Book Fair, Lehman College, CUNY 2019. Poetry: From the Threshold, Living Poems, Enchantment, Collage, Poems of Cruel Love. Fiction: The book of Enigmas, some of the short stories-enigmas became monologues, a play, and a short film. Her work appears in anthologies in various languages and magazines such as the Canadian K1N, the New Yorker, And Then and, Reunion, The Dallas Review (formerly Sojourn) from the University of Texas. Morales Caballero has been invited to Book Fairs and Festivals in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Egypt, El Salvador, Mexico and USA.