Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Sonnet Issue

Volume 16:1, Winter 2015
Guest Co-Editor: Michael Gushue

Introduction by Michael Gushue

Table of Contents

1. The Beloved

O.B. Hardison, Jr., Love Among the Ruins
C. Yun, La Petite Amie
Leeya Mehta, Metal Anniversary
Wendell Phillips Stafford, Love’s Testament
Ambrose Bierce, To My Laundress
Gwendolyn Bennett, Sonnet
Dan Brady, from Sonnets from E—
Katherine E. Young, For My Beloved

2. The Body

Holly Bass, moneymaker
Majda Gama, Three Minutes Apart
Carol Quinn, Impossible Bottle
Susan Okie, After the Mammogram
Myra Sklarew, Scars of Last Year’s Leaves
Terence Winch, Subject to Change

3. The Heart

Cheryl Clarke, i come to the city
Una Marson, Hunted
Tony Mancus, We repeat our names to each other
Joan Mazza, Down the Aisle
Holly Karapetkova, Two sonnets: The Cult of True Womanhood; Silver
David Gewanter, Old Egg
Wendy DeGroat, Lately
Anne Kelledy Gilbert, Grief
Susan Bucci Mockler, Black Schist
Christina Daub, Minus the Body

4. The Body Politic

M.A. Schaffner, Sonnet for This Week’s Terror Alert
Maggie Rosen, Guilford Courthouse
Francisco Aragón, 2012
Carrie Williams Clifford, Tercentenary of the Landing of Slaves at Jamestown
Georgia Douglas Johnson, To John Brown
Owen Dodson, Harlem
Angelina Weld Grimké, To the Dunbar High School: A Sonnet
Natalie Giarratano, Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, Caddo Parish
Kyle G. Dargan, Failed Sonnet After the Verdict

5. Pop Culture

Tony Medina, Two sonnets: Brown Sonnet; The Autobiography of Michael Jackson’s Skin
Wells Burgess, Sonnet on an Old Comic Strip
Pamela Murray Winters, Detective Lennie Briscoe: This is His Story
Miles David Moore, Watching Godzilla in 3D
Grace Cavalieri, Anna Nicole’s Dream
Danny Collier, The Correction

6. Conversations with Myself

Paul H. Oehser, Now Let the City Slumber
Alan King
, Misty Friday Morning
James Weldon Johnson, Mother Night
Ned Balbo, For My Cross-Dressing Friends
James Toupin, The Curse
Laura Cleveland, Sonnet for a Namesake
Donald Berger, Watch Your Ears
Ellen Sazzman, Tea in the Late Afternoon
Liam Rector, Old Coat

7. À La Recherche Du Temps Perdu

Jody Bolz, How the Past Appeared
Patric Pepper, Autumnal
Jane Satterfield, Affinity with Orwell
Nancy Naomi Carlson, Crossings
David McAleavey, Interrupted transmissions
Kelly Cherry, Lake Rosseau, Canada

8. Outdoors

Diana Smith Bolton, Constellations
Linda Pastan, Deep in These Woods
Anne Lynch Botta, The Bee
Paul Laurence Dunbar, Two sonnets: Slow Through the Dark; Sunset
Melanie Henderson, A Blizzard Blues
Sandra Beasley, The Field at Potts Camp
M. Carrie Allan, The Lyrebird

9. Art and Its Boundaries

Elinor Wylie, Two sonnets: Sonnet; Atavism
Jamie Brown, The Joke
Paco José Madden, A Hip Hop Sonnet
David Bristol, 57
Daniel Gutstein, Interview with Danish Kroner
Doug Lang, Two sonnets: Ougoudougou sonnet; “Unheard” melodies endure
Suzanne Zweizig, Lives Like Otters, Seen by Angels


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