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Volume 16:1, Winter 2015
The Sonnet Issue

Sonnets by 26 Authors, Previously Published in Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Over the fifteen years of the journal’s existence, we’ve had the honor to publish many fine sonnets.  As we compiled The Sonnet Issue, the editors found ourselves referring back to our favorites, and we include links to them here.

[Note: for some, you will have to scroll down on an author’s web page to find the individual poem.]

Henry Allen, June is the Month

Wendy Babiak, The Time I Saw Rip Taylor While Walking Home from Work Outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC

Star Black, Glory

Nancy Naomi Carlson, Sari-Covered Nights

Jennifer Chang, End Note

Carrie Williams Clifford, Lincoln

Teri Ellen Cross, Knell

Philip Dacey, Whitman: The Wall

Joanne Rocky Delaplaine, Penguins

Joel Dias-Porter, Night Train

Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Sonnet

Mark Fitzgerald, Built to Code

Daniel Gutstein, What Can Disappear

Michael Gushue, Student Primer

Reginald Harris, Living Room

Niki Herd, Sonnet: Conrad Murray Watches Michael Jackson Premier the Moonwalk, 1983

Doug Lang, 7 sonnets

David McAleavey, Invention of the Sonnet

Greg McBride, Over Arlington Cemetery

Miles David Moore, Vertigo

Joe Osterhaus, Memorial Drive

Patric Pepper, Sleet, Snow, Cinders, Ash

Robert Sargent, The Old Historian

M.A.. Schaffner, Crossing Key Bridge in Snowfall and Wayward Docents

Marcela Sulak, 4 sonnets

Mary-Sherman Willis, Miracle

Baron Wormser, Washington