Beltway Poetry Quarterly

“Chiseled” Winter 2023

Volume 24:1, Winter 2023

Table of Contents


Introduction: “Chiseled”, BPQ Winter 2023


Helen Mitsios Athens By Day; Our Rome: Helen Mitsios

Shweta Rao Garg This poem is broken; Some Poems; The day we went to the beach; I found a lost poem: Shweta Rao Garg

Lora Berg Beautiful Names of Poets; Make It the Way You Like It: Lora Berg

Sue Eisenfeld Night Out in a Deserted City, Home, On the Train Between: Sue Eisenfeld

Chris Bullard Hope, Day After: Chris Bullard

Megan Hutchinson Homing: Megan Hutchinson

Catherine Gonick Ode to a Woman in Mining; 18: Catherine Gonick

Mary K O'Melveny What Kind of People Write About Birds?; Quantum Entanglements: Mary K O’Melveny

Janis Greve Peerless: Janis Greve

David James Marriage is What Brings Us Together: David James

Cliff Saunders Revelations III, A Complication or Two: Cliff Saunders

Jennifer RathbunMónica Zepeda El Fin De Lo Infame: Mónica Zepeda

Steven Ratiner Ballroom Dancing with the Bestial Dark, Citizen (Skeletal Villanelle #2), Teatro Antico: Steven Ratiner

Terence Winch Expectation, Manifesto Destiny, Eat the Mango, Give Yourself Away, Blue Wave, A Brief Description of Life in the Sky: Terence Winch

david alberto fernández I am not here (Immigrant Song); Oh, my Teresa; A world cup: David Alberto Fernández

Pat Kabra To Say; Blue Sneakers: Pat Kabra


Jonathan Harrington Things You May Find Hidden In My Ear: Mosab Abu Toha, reviewed by Jonathan Harrington

Jonathan Harrington The Life and Poetry of Ralph Harry Nesson; Reviewed by Jonathan Harrington

Jonathan HarringtonMervyn Taylor The Last Train by Mervyn Taylor: Reviewed by Jonathan Harrington


Vinita AgrawalKavita Ezekiel Mendonca Interview with Vinita Agrawal By Kavita Ezekiel Mendonca


Fernanda Spinelli NÓS, PESCA, HERESIA: Fernanda Spinelli

Rito Ramón ArocheKristin Dykstra Issues When Leaving; Proximities; “That One and Other Stories”: Rito Ramón Aroche, translated by Kristin Dykstra