Introduction: “Chiseled”, BPQ Winter 2023

‘Chiseled’: Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Winter 2023

At Beltway we enjoy the precise phrase, the right word, not in the middle of a white emptiness but rather one full of possibility, including that of redemption.

We believe poems are vitamins as well as units of renewable energy that restore the ecosystems of our common languages. We need and celebrate poems that are chiseled to the hair-line, the fine crack between joints in a word sculpture that stands while exposing all of its component parts.

These poems were lovingly selected with a jeweler’s eye, a musician’s ear, a painter’s fingers and brush.

Enjoy our first issue of 2023.

Love and poetry

Indran Amirthanayagam, Editor

Sara Cahill Marron, Associate Editor

Renee Gherity, Associate Editor