Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Art in Times of Crises, Vol. II

Volume 21:4, Fall 2020

Table of Contents


Art In Times of Crises, Volume II


Anne Casey Either way, the fact remains; where once she danced: Anne Casey

Şebnem Şenyener Salute to a Snail in Jail; The Anatomy of Melancholy; Twenty Six Factorial; “Sulmo Mihi Patria Est”; M Theory; God Botherers: Şebnem Şenyener

John Wall Barger Distemper Song; My Birthday—One Muggy Saturday in Manhattan—August, 1977: John Wall Barger

Berra Akcan MTA MONOLOGUES: Berra Akcan

Oak Morse Hand-me-down Hymnal; Superego: Oak Morse

Beth Dulin Epiphany: Beth Dulin

Carolyn L. Tipton Lost Day: Carolyn Tipton

Tara Campbell Why I couldn’t sleep until morning: Tara Campbell

Lalita Noronha The Aquarium: Lalita Noronha

Ralph James Savarese O Calvin, O Calvin: Ralph James Savarese

Jack Hirschman The Nora Arcane, The Gaza Arcane: Jack Hirschman

Alison Palmer The Fire That May Never Come; Don’t Wait Until the Bitter End: Alison Palmer

Kirk Greenway Annus Mirabilis: Kirk Greenway

Sunday Drive, Legacy of the Golden Calf, Lock-Down Three Times, Social Distancing Three Times: Don Krieger

Catherine Gonick The Succubus Visits Potus; Letter In Lockdown; Ava Tells The White Audience Again; A Few Months In; The Need For Herd Immunity: Cathy Gonick

Nancy Naomi Carlson Lockdown Aubade on Rimsky-Korsakov’s Birthday; Zooming to Elysian Fields: Nancy Naomi Carlson

Alexis Bernaut Le chien (Dog), Dieu (God), L’ombre qui boite (The Limping Shadow); Une mésange (A Chickadee): Alexis Bernaut

Barbara Goldberg Amulet; What I Dwell On; Uninvited Guests; Teeth; What We Shall Become; Dybbuk; There for the Grace; War Doesn’t Want; Far-flung: Barbara Goldberg

Rana Bitar Viral Dream: Rana Bitar

James McKee Poem about Love (Not a Love Poem): James McKee

Sudeep Sen Saline Drip; Love in the Time of Corona; Obituary; Hope: Light Leaks; Asthma; Quarantine; Newsreel: Sudeep Sen


Madeleine BarnesSara Cahill Marron You Do Not Have to Be Good: Madeleine Barnes


Linda Morales Caballero Ogres (Ogros), From the same kettle (Del mismo caldero): Linda Morales Caballero, translated by the author

Enrique Bernales AlbitesLori DiPrete BrownSarli E. Mercado Shock, Enrique Bernales Albites: Translated by Sarli E. Mercado and Lori DiPrete Brown

Keith CohenDenizé Lauture Cauchemar des feuilles (The Leaves’ Nightmare);Arbre mort( Dead Tree); Règne des cendres (Reign of Ashes); Prologue (Prologue): Denizé Lauture, translated by Keith Cohen

Daniela BlissÁlvaro Mata Guillé Qué empieza, qué termina (What begins, what ends) Álvaro Mata Guillé, translated by Daniela Bliss

Ainsley MorseDmitri Alexandrovich PrigovSimon Schuchat My Russia, from SOVIET TEXTS, Dmitri Alexandrovich Prigov– translated by Simon Schuchat with Ainsley Morse

Luis BravoCatherine JagoeJesse Lee Kercheval Man crying, raw footage(Llorando en crudo), Rising Waters (La crecida): Luis Bravo, translated by Catherine Jagoe & Jesse Lee Kercheval

Ada Zapata-ArriaránIndran Amirthanayagam El Sueño del Mundo (Dream of the World): Ada Zapata-Arriarán, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

América MerinoKatrin Rahe No hables de la belleza (Do not speak of beauty); Y sin embargo algo nos eleva, algo nos salva (And nevertheless something raises us, something saves us); Esta vez (This time): América Merino, translated by Katrin Rahe

Jorge Ureta Sandoval ESTÁN MUERTOS (THEY ARE DEAD); NÓMINA DE HUESOS (PAYROLL OF BONES): Jorge Ureta Sandoval, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Indran AmirthanayagamCherlie Rivage Tu as marché nue dans mes rêves ( You walked naked in my dreams): Cherlie Rivage, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam