Beltway Poetry Quarterly

March 2022 Issue 23:1

Volume 23:1, March 2022

Table of Contents


March 23:1 Introduction


Serena Agusto-Cox Agoraphobia, Mannequin, Dear Vovo: Serena Agusto-Cox

Emma Jo Black icarus, a vampire sees the sunrise for the first time: Emma Jo Black

George Elliott Clarke On My Dark Hobby And Blackest Art, The Poet, 16/61: George Elliott Clarke

Andrea Deeken Borscht: Andrea Deeken

Kevin Grauke Sunday, Jack Tar Hotel, Room 773, Three O’clock: Kevin Grauke

Carole Greenfield Angular Unconformity, Luster, Rain Shadow, Wrapped: Carole Greenfield

Antonia Alexandra Klimenko Under the Umbrella, Silent Scream, Traveling Light: Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

Donald Krieger Long Time Coming, Alien Creature at the Door, Christmas at Grandma’s, Teflon, Coming In Off the Farm: Donald Krieger

Bill Lavender Infestation: Bill Lavender

Omar Sabbagh Sunlight Upon Sunlight, The Manichee: Omar Sabbagh

Anum Sattar My Body, My Choice? Anum Sattar

Willa Schneberg The Snooker Room, Winter Freezes Trees In Tortured Positions: Willa Schneberg

Kalpna Singh-Chitnis Is Anyone Listening? Love that Cannot Live Long Enough: Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

Marianne Szlyk Why We Never Tried To Find The Elms, The Nurses Welcome My Father Home, Marianne Szlyk

Gerald Wagoner Woman #1, Steps In Memory Of My Feelings, Solstice 2021: Gerald Wagoner

Sara Wallace after the child lost most of her hearing: Sara Wallace

Kirk Greenway Eel: Kirk Greenway

Sara Cahill Marron We Snowed to Show our Intention; Rings; Doubt Is Never the Burden; Banishing Creature Fear: Sara Cahill Marron


Bengt Berg Ett Nytt Ar (A New Year), Exil (Exile), Tva Roda Bar (Two Red Berries), Kraftlinjer (Power Lines), Insikt (Realization): Bengt Berg

Kiran Bhat Vok’el, Unen Tseb, Chal Tijmembele, Lioyote, Ts’unel, Vilan: Candelaria Alvarez, translated by Kiran Bhat


Jonathan Harrington Everygirl, Angela Dribben: reviewed by Jonathan Harrington

Abhay K.Jeannine M. Pitas The Alphabets of Latin America, Abhay K: reviewed by Jeannine M. Pitas

Kirk GreenwayTerence Winch Seeing Eye Boy, Terence Winch: reviewed by Kirk Greenway

W. Luther JettShash Trevett From a Borrowed Land, Shash Trevett: reviewed by Luther Jett