Sara Cahill Marron

We Snowed to Show our Intention; Rings; Doubt Is Never the Burden; Banishing Creature Fear: Sara Cahill Marron

We Snowed to Show our Intention

Let go by so many plants, cohesion
becomes us darling, weren’t we
always grand as soft cumulous
clouds, really just drops of water
vapor released at the leaves, I have
died, been reborn so many moon cycles
raining on topsoil with the millions,
unimportant except to you, bonding
to me snowflake we freeze like this—
pattern so intricate, delicate, they
marvel at us, tumbling from the stars,
each dance is for you alone, to meet
microscopic at genesis, I am
but a molecule,
finding you at collision
merging was our only option.



If I did want to encircle you
in gold, would you wear it?
or close my door like a treasure
chest, returning to its contents
when you need them, drink
me when you’re thirsty,
smoke me when your
energy won’t abate, take
it all and tell the one you
love she’s steel, melts
only when the sun
breaks orbit to touch
earth, ring roads bent
into heart shapes, that’s
what you always wanted to
wear, wasn’t it? fire-born
diamond promises don’t
burn me, forge your face
iridescent, you of many moons.

Doubt Is Never the Burden

I always sit up straight
edge of the chair, mother
told me if you walk fast
you’ll look busy, important
I joined the speed-walkers
in New York City as soon
as I could, drinking drinks
with no measure, vodka
in secret containers, what
private things do you conceal
now? In the seams, tucking
away comfort for an elevator
kiss, hidden, controlled—
what if I exploded like
winter rain showers, wiping
away dirty snow collected
on curbs, slush melting
into the bay, where it belongs,
would you stand with me
then, under the bright sunrise?

Banishing Creature Fear

Partially I am coyote,
trudging bison in Montana,
forgotten ancients, grazing
grasslands feet beneath
blizzard white, large bones
what fears do you have?
trotting towards your mate,
daybreak stirs all birds
coast to coast, spruce nettles
shudder when I suggest
hiding, as if movement is
a choice, even the trees
deny me, this second
life beyond the bullet
shattering skull.

Sara Cahill Marron is the author of Reasons for the Long Tu’m (Broadstone Books, 2018), Nothing You Build Here, Belongs Here (Kelsay Books 2021), and Call Me Spes(MadHat Press 2022). She is the Associate Editor of Beltway Poetry Quarterly and publisher of Beltway Editions with partner in poetry Indran Amirthanayagam. Her work has been published widely and is available at