Beltway Poetry Quarterly

“Vessels”, December 2022

Volume 23.3, December 2022

Table of Contents


Introduction: “VESSELS”: BPQ Fall 2022


Jennifer Browne Migration, Liturgy of the Hours, On Parenting, The Museum of Broken Relationships, Armadillo: Jennifer Browne

W.D. Ehrhart Team Photograph, 1957– Perkasie, Pennsylvania: W.D. Ehrhart

W. Luther Jett Poem Written While Standing in Prayer, The Colour War, Prayer: W. Luther Jett

Kenny Carroll & For You This: Kenny Carroll

Marc Vincenz The Volcanologist, Split Your Skull, Monster, Even Better Than That: Marc Vincenz

Brett Nelson American Stew: Brett Nelson

Tim Tomlinson The Wall Meditations #3,4,5: Tim Tomlinson

Claudia Gary Claudia Gary: The Gate Reopens

Suzanne Lapstun Learning to Float, Witness: Suzanne Lapstun

Bhavika Sicka In a Shop in Nakhon Pathom: Bhavika Sicka

Sabah Carrim Sabah Carrim: From San Marcos to Beau Bassin, or, In Search of Home

George Freek George Freek: At a Bend In the Night, Autumn Night, The Stars Far Above Me

Arthur Sadrian Atop A Primrose History: Arthur Sadrian

Alan Abrams The Man On The Sidewalk; Where You Find It: Alan Abrams

Sylvie KandéMervyn TaylorMervyn Taylor Five Poems: Mervyn Taylor, translated by Sylvie Kandé

Vihanga Perera Katherine’s Forwarding Address: Vihanga Perera

Abbie Bradfield Mulvihill Abbie Bradfield Mulvihill: Icelandic Saga

Martin Dickinson Shredder Before the Big Move: Martin Dickinson

Hans Robinson Loja Normal Love: Hans Robinson Loja

Paula Brancato In Flight: Paula Brancato

Anne Gruner The AMOC Runs Amok: Anne Gruner

Alan Altany An Old Poet: Alan Altany

Eric Roy Winter Asterisks: Eric Roy

Susana H. Case How to Write a Telenovela, Telenovela 12: Susana H. Case


Antonio Daganzo Castro Three poems: Antonio Daganzo Castro, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Indran AmirthanayagamSofia Ferrés Um poema de Sofia Ferrés / A poem by Sofia Ferrés, translated by the author and Indran Amirthanayagam


John Wall BargerJonathan Harrington Smog Mother: John Wall Barger, reviewed by Jonathan Harrington

Luis FranciaJonathan Harrington Thorn Grass by Luis H. Francia, reviewed by Jonathan Harrington

Michael Joyce Adrift on Waves of Words: New Work by Michael Joyce, reviewed by W. Luther Jett

John Wall BargerJonathan Harrington Resurrection Fall: John Wall Barger, reviewed by Jonathan Harrington