Hans Robinson Loja

Normal Love: Hans Robinson Loja

Normal Love

can we be normal for a while?

no, not – not for a day or an hour

or a minute. just a while. you can

chew gum if you want to kiss, or joke about being a lesbian

if i was the best you had, and
i’ll get the joke and i’ll get the girl and

we can let love burn in the background and no one needs to know, not even us.

and if you want to turn your dogs against me i won’t

let you do that anymore. if you
leave me in the cold until i glow purple

i’ll walk home and make a fire
and i won’t wait for you to come back

with a dull knife in your pocket. i want you to sit with me. love

without devotion, love without hell. love without fire.

just a while. please.

Hans Robinson Loja is currently an undergraduate student at The University of Texas in San Antonio majoring in Biology. While writing poetry is one of his hobbies, among other things, he also enjoys singing and hanging out with friends, as well as playing chess and video games.