New Books 2020

Elizabeth Acevedo, Clap When You Land (novel-in-verse; young adult literature; Harper Collins Publishers)

Saida Agostini, Stunt (chapbook, Neon Hemlock Press)

Kwame Alexander, Light for the World to See (Houghton Mifflin)

Indran Amirthanayagam, The Migrant States (Hanging Loose Press)

Indran Amirthanayagam, Sur l’île nostalgique (in French, L’Harmattan Press)

Cynthia Atkins, Still-Life with God (Saint Julian Press)

Zeina Azzam, Bayna Bayna (chapbook, Poetry Box)

Daniel M. Becker, 2nd Chance (New Issues)

David Biespiel, A Place of Exodus: Home, Memory and Texas (memoir, Kelson Books)

CL Bledsoe, Grief Bacon (Cyberwit)

CL Bledsoe, Driving Around, Looking in Other People’s Windows (Dynamo Verlang)

Dan Brady, Subtexts (Publishing Genius)

Jamie Brown, The Delaware Bay (chapbook, Broadkill River Press)

Molly McCully Brown and Susannah Nevison, In the Field Between Us (Persea Books)

Sterling A. Brown, The Collected Poems of Sterling A. Brown, ed. Michael S. Harper, with a new forward by Cornelius Eady (reissue, Northwestern University Press)

Rachmil Bryks, May God Avenge Their Blood: A Holocaust Memoir Triptych (nonfiction, translated by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, Rowman & Littlefield)

Tara Campbell, Political AF: A Rage Collection (prose and poetry, Unlikely Books)

Lucille Clifton, How to Carry Water: Selected Poems, ed. Aracelis Girmay (Boa Editions)

Billy Collins, Whale Day (Random House)

Joellen Craft, The Quarry (chapbook, L+S Press)

Henry Crawford, The Binary Planet (The Word Works)

Toi Derricotte and Dawn Lundy Martin, A Bruise is a Figure of Remembrance: Poems in Conversation and a Conversation (Slapering Hol Press)

Tim Dlugos, New York Diary (ed., David Trinidad, Sibling Rivalry Press)

Meg Eden, Drowning in the Floating World (Press 53)

Andy Fogle, Across from Now (Grayson Books)

Carolyn Forche, In the Lateness of the World (Penguin)

Hoke S. Glover III, aka Bro Yao, One Shoe Marching Towards Heaven (Africa World Press)

Daniel Gutstein, Buildings Without Murders (novel, Atmosphere Press)

Yona Harvey, You Don’t Have to Go to Mars for Love (Four Way Books)

Robert Hass, Summer Snow (Ecco Press)

Juan Felipe Herrera, Every Day We Get More Illegal (City Lights)

James C. Hopkins and Yoko Danno, Photo Scrolls (Ikuta Press)

Randall Horton, #289-128 (University of Kentucky Press)

Zora Neale Hurston, Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick (short fiction, Amistad Press)

Emilio Iasiello, The Girl Behind the Glass (novel, Tumbleweed Books)

Luisa A. Igloria, Maps for Migrants and Ghosts (Southern Illinois University Press)

Margaret B. Ingraham, Exploring This Terrain (Paraclete Press)

Kelly Inviere, Where the Light Shines Through: A Memoir in Poetry (Outskirts Press)

Gray Jacobik, Eleanor (CavanKerry Press)

W. Luther Jett, Everyone Disappears (Finishing Line Press)

Taylor Johnson, Inheritance (Alice James Books)

Annie Kim, Eros, Unbroken (The Word Works)

Ted Kooser, Red Stilts (Copper Canyon Press)

Gerry LaFemina, Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping: Prose Poems (Madville Publishing)

Courtney LeBlanc, Beautiful & Full of Monsters (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press)

Yi Lei, My Name Will Grow Wide Like a Tree, translated by Tracy K. Smith (Graywolf Press)

Michael H. Levin, Falcons (chapbook, Finishing Line Press)

Steven Leyva, The Understudy’s Handbook (WWPH)

Laura McCarty, Just One Swallow (Day Eight)

Jeffrey McDaniel, Holiday in the Islands of Grief (Univ. of Pittsburgh Press)

Leeya Mehta, A Story of the World Before the Fence (Finishing Line Press)

Deborah A. Miranda, Altar for Broken Things (BkMk Press)

Miles David Moore, Man on Terrace with Wine (Kelsay Books)

Mary F. Morris, Dear October (Texas A&M University Press)

Valzhyna Mort, Music for the Dead and Resurrected (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

John Murillo, Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry (Four Way Books)

D.L. Pearlman, Normal They Napalm the Cottonfields (Broadkill River Press)

Matthew Pennock, The Miracle Machine (Gival Press)

Stanley Plumly, Middle Distance (W.W. Norton)

Dmitri Prigov, Soviet Texts, translated by Simon Schuchat and Ainsley Morse (Ugly Duckling Presse)

Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, The Tilt Torn Away from the Seasons (Acre Books)

Joseph Ross, Raising King (Willow Books)

Kay Ryan, Synthesizing Gravity (Grove Atlantic)

Myra Sklarew, A Survivor Named Trauma (nonfiction, SUNY Press)

Clint Smith, How the World is Passed (nonfiction, Little, Brown & Co.)

Anna Starobinets, Look at Him, translated from Russian to English by Katherine E. Young (memoir, Slavica Publishers)

Marcela Sulak, Mouth Full of Seeds (memoir, Black Lawrence Press)

Marianne Szlyk, Poetry En Plein Air (Pony One Dog Press)

Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, Beloved Comrades: A Novel in Stories (fiction, Anaphora Literary Press)

Henry Taylor, This Tilted World is Where I Live (Louisiana State University Press)

Naomi Thiers, Made of Air (Kelsay Books)

Maureen Thorson, On Dreams (nonfiction, Bloof Books)

Khal Torabully, Cargo Hold of Stars: Coolitude, translated from French to English by Nancy Naomi Carlson (Seagull Books)

Natasha Trethewey, Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir (nonfiction, Ecco Press)

Patricia Valdata, Fall Squared (novel, Moonshine Cove Publishing)

Lee Woodman, Homescapes (Finishing Line Press)

Anne Harding Woodworth, Trouble (Turning Point Books)

Sarah Yerkes, Days of Blue and Flame (Passager Books)

Burgi Zenhaeusern, Behind Normalcy (chapbook, City Lit Press)

101 Jewish Poems for the Third Millennium, ed. Matthew E. Silverman and Nancy Naomi Carlson. Contributors include: Pia Borsheim, Dorritt Carroll, David Ebenbach, Julie R. Enszer, Robert L. Giron, Barbara Goldberg, W. Luther Jett, Merrill Leffler, Yvette Neisser, Jean Nordhaus, Linda Pastan, Kim Roberts, Carly Sachs, Michael Salcman, Myra Sklarew, Marcela Sulak (anthology, Ashland Poetry Press)

African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle and Song, ed. Kevin Young. Contributors include: Elizabeth Acevedo, Elizabeth Alexander, Lewis Grandison Alexander, Benjamin Banneker, Gwendolyn B. Bennett, Reginald Dwayne Betts, Gwendolyn Brooks, Sterling A. Brown, Carrie Williams Clifford, Lucille Clifton, Sam Cornish, Waring Cuney, Kyle G. Dargan, Clarissa Scott Delaney, Toi Derricotte, Joel Dias-Porter, Owen Dodson, Rita Dove, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Cornelius Eady, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Jessie Redmon Fauset, Julia Fields, Calvin Forbes, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Angelina Weld Grimke, Charlotte Forten Grimke, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Walter Everette Hawkins, Robert Hayden, Essex Hemphill, Frank Horne, Langston Hughes, Eva A. Jessye, Georgia Douglas Johnson, James Weldon Johnson, A. Van Jordan, Douglas Kearney, Dolores Kendrick, Shara McCallum, John Murillo, Pauli Murray, Larry Neal, Richard Bruce Nugent, Gloria C. Oden, Gregory Pardlo, Lucia Mae Pitts, Esther Popel, Dudley Randall, Andy Razaf, Gil Scott-Heron, Tim Seibles, Safiya Sinclair, Clint Smith, Tracy K. Smith, A.B. Spellman, Anne Spencer, Primus St. John, Sharan Strange, Eloise Bibb Thompson, Samantha Thornhill, Jean Toomer, Natasha Trethewey, Afaa Michael Weaver (anthology, Library of America)

American Birds: A Literary Companion, ed. Andrew Rubenfeld and Terry Tempest Williams. Contributors include: Elizabeth Bishop, Sterling A. Brown, John Burroughs, Cornelius Eady, Anthony Hecht, Randall Jarrell, Ted Kooser, W.S. Merwin, Theodore Roosevelt, Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams (anthology, Library of America)

Bay to Ocean 2020: The Year’s Best Writing from the Eastern Shore Writers Association, ed. Emily Rich and Tara Elliott. Contributors include: Jamie Brown, Catherine Carter, Kristin W. Davis, Tina Rae Dayton, Natalie Lobe, Nancy Mitchell, Jane Edna Mohler, Kim Roberts, Laura Shovan, Patricia Valdata (anthology, Eastern Shore Writers Association)

The Best Small Fictions 2020, ed. Elena Stiehler. Contributors include: Kim Addonizio, Roberta Beary, Kyle G. Dargan, Kelly Ann Jacobson, Holly Karapetkova, Elizabeth Knapp, Rion Amilcar Scott, Amber Sparks, Joshua Weiner (anthology, Sonder Press)

By Broad Potomac’s Shore: Great Poems from the Early Days of Our Nation’s Capital, ed. Kim Roberts. Contributors include: Henry Adams, John Quincy Adams, Joel Barlow, Natalie Clifford Barney, Ambrose Bierce, Anne Lynch Botta, Ruth Muskrat Bronson, Solomon G. Brown, John Burroughs, Paul Claudel, Rose Elizabeth Cleveland, Carrie Williams Clifford, Fanny Jackson Coppin, Caresse Crosby, Caroline Healey Dall, Frederick Douglass, Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson, Paul Laurence Dunbar, T. Thomas Fortune, Angelina Weld Grimke, Charlotte Forten Grimke, Richard Hovey, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Georgia Douglas Johnson, James Weldon Johnson, Francis Scott Key, Muna Lee, Archibald MacLeish, John Marquis, John Sella Martin, John Willis Menard, Joaquin Miller, Kelly Miller, Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt, Jeremiah Eames Rankin, Leonora Speyer, Jean Toomer, Alfred Islay Walden, Walt Whitman, Helen Hay Whitney, Emma Willard, Elinor Wylie, Zitkala-Sa (anthology, University of Virginia Press)

Choice Words: Writers on Abortion, ed. Annie Finch. Contributors include: Gwendolyn Brooks, Lucille Clifton, Langston Hughes (anthology, Haymarket Books)

Deep Beauty: Experiencing Wonder When the World is on Fire, ed. Rosemary Winslow and Catherine Lee. Contributors include: Rick Black, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Teri Ellen Cross Davis, Hayes Davis, Moira Egan, Yael Flusberg, JoAnne Growney, Bonnie Naradzay, Stanley Plumly, Kathi Wolfe, Katherine E. Young (nonfiction anthology, Woodhall Press)

The Ecopoetry Anthology, ed. Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street. Contributors include: Karen Leona Anderson, Sandra Beasley, Elizabeth Bishop, Sterling A. Brown, Grace Cavalieri, Lucille Clifton, Stephen Cushman, James Dickey, Annie Finch, Carolyn Forche, Robert Frost, Louise Gluck, John Haines, Donald Hall, Joy Harjo, Robert Hass, Robert Hayden, Langston Hughes, Luisa A. Igloria, Ted Kooser, Maxine Kumin, Stanley Kunitz, Philip Levine, Larry Levis, W.S. Merwin, Deborah A. Miranda, Thorpe Moeckel, Ezra Pound, Tim Seibles, William Stafford, Jean Toomer, Melissa Tuckey, Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams (revised, anthology, Trinity University Press)

Falling Leaves: An Interfaith Anthology on the Topic of Consolation and Loss, ed. Susan Meehan and Robert Bettman. Contributors include: Jeffrey Banks, Katya Buresh, Regie CabicoChris Farago, Stephanie Gemmell,  Kira Hall, Laura Hart, W. Luther Jett, Jacqueline Jules, Michele Kay, Brian Leibold, Laura Martin, Kim B. Miller, Anna Postelnyak, Bernard Riefner, Dominique Rispoli, Jane Schapiro, Ori Z. Soltes, Lori Tsang, Phibby Venable, Walter Weinschenk, and Jon Wood (anthology, Day Eight)

Furious Flower: Seeding the Future of African American Poetry, ed. Joanne V. Gabbin and Lauren K. Alleyne. Contributors include: Abdul Ali, Reginald Dwayne Betts, Remica Bingham-Risher, John H. BraceyDerrick Weston Brown, Teri Ellen Cross Davis, Hayes Davis, Toi Derricotte, Rita Dove, Cornelius Eady, Safia Elhillo, t’ai freedom ford, Randall Horton, Fred Joiner, Meta Jones, A. Van Jordan, Alan W. King, Tony Medina, E. Ethelbert Miller, John Murillo, Gregory Pardlo, Clint Smith, Tracy K. Smith, Sharan Strange, Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, Nagueyalti Warren (anthology, Northwestern University Press)

Furious Gravity: DC Women Writers, ed. Melissa Scholes Young. Contributors include: Hildie S. Block, Jody Bolz, Tara Campbell, Heather L. Davis, Hannah Grieco, Donna Hemans, Beth Konkoski, Leeya Mehta, Susan Bucci Mockler, Julie Wakeman-Linn, Kathleen Wheaton, Mary Kay Zuravleff (anthology of short fiction, Politics & Prose Books)

A Garden of Black Joy: Global Poetry from the Edges of Liberation and Living, ed. Keno Evol. Contributors include: Rovenia Brock (Dr. Ro), Praise Flowers, Salisa Grant, Melanie Henderson, John Hulede, Victor A. Kwansa, Kateema Lee, Tayo Omisore, Benjamin Raji, Evyan Roberts, Jorell Watkins (anthology, Itasca Books)

Lo-fi Poetry Series: Poet Sounds, ed. Gerry LaFemina and Christine Stroud. Contributors include: Ned Balbo, Kestra Forest, D. Gilson, Donald Illich, Jacqueline Jules, Lisa Kosow, Sean Murphy, Jane Satterfield (anthology, CityLit Project)

More Truly and More Strange: 100 Contemporary American Self-Portrait Poems, ed. Lisa Russ Spaar. Contributors include: Jennifer ChangRita Dove, Safia Elhillo, Tarfia Faizullah, W.S. MerwinGregory Orr, Gregory Pardlo, R.T. Smith, Tracy K. Smith, Mark Strand, James TateNatasha Trethewey, Afaa Michael Weaver, Charles Wright (anthology, Persea Books)

Plume Poetry, Vol. 8, ed. Danny Lawless. Contributors include: Kim Addonizio, Fleda Brown, Cornelius Eady, David Keplinger, Phillis Levin, Linda Pastan, Mary Jo Salter (anthology, Plume)

Show Us Your Papers, ed. Daniela Buccilli, Wendy Scott Paff, & Cherise Pollard. Contributors include: Les Bares, S. Preston Duncan, Brian Gilmore, Melanie Henderson, Tony Medina, Molly O’Dell, Nancy K. Pearson, Charles Rammelkamp, Judith Turner-Yamamoto, Sarah Williams-Devereux (anthology, Main Street Rag)

Singing in the Dark: A Global Anthology of Poetry Under Lockdown, ed. K. Satchidanandan and Nishi Chawla. Contributors include: Grace Cavalieri, Diane Parks (anthology, Penguin Random House India)

Together in a Sudden Strangeness: America’s Poets Respond to the Pandemic, ed. Alice Quinn. Contributors include: David Biespiel, Billy Collins, Cornelius Eady, Sally Wen Mao, Mary Jo Salter, Elizabeth Spires, Kevin Young (anthology, Penguin Random House)

When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through: A Norton Anthology of Native Nations Poetry, ed. Joy Harjo. Contributors include: Ruth Margaret Muskrat Bronson, Elsie Fuller, Suzan Shown Harjo, Lance Henson, Deborah A. Miranda, Joshua Ross, Zitkala-Sa (aka Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) (anthology, W.W. Norton)

Written in Arlington, ed. Katherine E. Young. Contributors include: Karren LaLonde Alenier, Francisco Aragon, Sandra Beasley, Rick Black, Dan Brady, Henry Crawford, Ramola D, Heather L. Davis, John Elsberg, Bernadette Geyer, Robert L. Giron, Emilio Iasiello, Tod Ibrahim, Donald Illich, W. Luther Jett, Jacqueline Jules, Holly Karapetkova, Hailey Leithauser, Gregory Luce, David McAleavey, Susan Bucci Mockler, Miles David Moore, Jose Padua, Richard Peabody, Kim Roberts, Martha Sanchez-Lowery, M.A. Schaffner, Hilary Tham, Naomi Theirs, Karenne Wood, Amy Young, Sally Zakariya (anthology, Paycock Press)