Three untitled poems

20th Anniversary Reflections

stevenallenmay was guest editor of the Plan B Press Issue (Summer 2010, Volume 11:3), and featured in the Spring 2011 Portfolio Issue (Volume 12:2). He is publisher of Plan B Press, which released the 2010 anthology Full Moon on K Street: Poems About Washington, DC, edited by Kim Roberts, published to mark the 10thanniversary of the journal.

He writes, “I am honored to have been asked to be a guest editor for this fabulous special issue. It is sometimes hard to appreciate all the lives we touch simply by doing the work we do as easily as breathing. It’s what we love and feels effortless, and yet is anything but. Love being part of this flow.”


Three Untitled Poems from “written in the stumble of two torn out pages”

tail bone flat, breathing deep
a small apple drops where there is no tree.
arms dangling, center and curved, a bird
wings the room. Yvette is a mountain,
a bridge, hands like clouds
weather creeps across the sky.


all wisdom is on paper. We hold
until the flames consume
the town built in the forest.
We only
learn of the disaster
from survivors
who shot
the rapids
using book cases
as canoes.


The television finds you on the moon in a black and white rerun
from the 1950s. The captain says the space creatures are green but
you don’t believe him – everything is grey or shades of it. In a few
minutes color invades selling viewers things they don’t need nor can
afford then back to you holding your breath since the helmet they gave
you was made of cardboard and the air hose just dangled from your side.



stevenallenmay is a poet, publisher, events curator and host, blogger, performance artist, book collector, husband, and father (in no particular order of importance). He currently resides in Northern VA. To read more by this author: stevenallenmay: Spring 2011