Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Tenth Anniversary Issue

Volume 11.1, Winter 2010
A Celebration of Guest Editors

Guest editors have been integral to Beltway Poetry Quarterly since its inception in January 2000. These writers gave generously of their time to help shape the journal, and so this tenth anniversary issue is dedicated to them, with deep gratitude.

Visual art for this issue is provided by Kathy Keler, who suggested the idea for Beltway Poetry Quarterly, provided a home for the journal on, designed its look, and has served as webmaster for the journal’s first ten years.

Kathy Keler, "Mysterious City," 2010, acrylic and alkyd on wood, 9" x 24"

Kathy Keler, “Mysterious City,” 2010, acrylic and alkyd on wood, 9″ x 24″

Table of Contents

Merrill Leffler
Guest Editor, “The Distinguishing Voice,” Fall 2000

Four Poems: “The Indefatigable It,” “On Stage,” “Sparrow,” and “Performance”

Brian Gilmore
Guest Editor, “The Woodshed,” Fall 2001

Three Poems: “A Soldier’s Story,” “Mississippi Burning,” and “Make It Plain”

Hilary Tham
Guest Editor, “Activist Poets,” Fall 2002

A Remembrance
Two Poems: “Armchair,” and “May Means Beautiful in Chinese”

Saundra Rose Maley
Guest Co-Editor, “Whitman Issue,” Winter 2004

Two Poems: “Stanley Kunitz at the Pearly Gates, Greeted by Walt Whitman,” and “Critique”

Grace Cavalieri
Guest Editor, “The Bunny and The Crocodile Issue,” Spring 2004

Four Poems: “Equipoise,” “Tomato Pies, 25 Cents,” “Transportation,” and “A Matter of Record”

Naomi Ayala
Guest Editor, “Expanding Latino Identity,” Spring 2005

Four Poems: “Jesus Comes to Mt. Pleasant in Search of Sanzen,” “A Man Buys a Box of Cupcakes,” “In Adams Morgan, Two Years of Neighborhood-Wide Reconstruction Come to a Halt for the Night,” and “You in the Me of I”

Sarah Browning
Guest Editor, “Wartime Issue,” Spring 2006

Four Poems: “Report Back: Torino in April,” “Comfort,” “How to Surrender the Red Shock of Want,” and “Overnight Home”

Andrea Carter Brown
Guest Co-Editor, “DC Places,” Summer 2006

Four Poems: “Deutsche Bank,” “At the ATM,” “Learning to Write,” and “The Old Neighborhood”

Kwame Alexander
Guest Editor, “The Science of Love,” Spring 2007

Three Poems:”Dancing Naked on the Floor,” “When,” and “If You Were a Couplet, I’d Rhyme You”

Teri Ellen Cross
Guest Co-Editor, “The Evolving City,” Fall 2007

Three Poems: “After The Return of the Prodigal Mother by Dawn Black,” “Slip Skin Study: Broken,” and “Induced”

Regie Cabico
Guest Co-Editor, “Split This Rock Issue,” Winter 2008

Three Poems: “My Perfect Silence,” “An Afternoon in Pagasinan with No Electricity,” and “The Trick”

Katie Davis
Guest Co-Editor, “Audio Issue,” Fall 2008

Two Poems: “Truing the Wheel,” and “Vocab Quiz”

Maureen Thorson
Guest Co-Editor, “Museum Issue,” Winter 2009

Three Poems: “Sea Shanty,” “The Captain” and “Ye Mariners of England”

Toni Asante Lightfoot
Guest Editor, “It’s Your Mug 15th Anniversary Issue,” Summer 2009

Three Poems: “Mothership Future Dream Palabramorphetic,” “Jet Arrives with a Monster Inside September 1955,” and “Papa, I Must Do Well in Poetry”

Dan Vera
Guest Editor, “US Poets Laureate Issue,” Winter 2009

Three Poems: “Reflex,” “Artifact,” and “Judicial Temperament”