New Books 2015

NOTE: Titles listed in red are Beltway Poetry Quarterly‘s picks for the Ten Best Books of 2015. We have highlighted two additional Best Anthologies of the Year.

Rachel Adams, Sleeper (chapbook, Flutter Press)

Elizabeth Alexander, The Light of the World (memoir, Grand Central Publishing)

Abdul Ali, Trouble Sleeping (New Issues)

Nancy Allinson, Harmony Not Yet Broken (chapbook, Finishing Line Press)

JoAnn Balingit, Words for House Story (WordTech Editions)

Roberta Beary, Deflection (Accents Publishing)

Sandra Beasley, Count the Waves (W.W. Norton)

Donald Berger, The Long Time (bilingual in English and German, translations by Christoph Koenig, Wallstein Verlag)

Reginald Dwayne Betts, Bastards of the Reagan Era (Four Way Books)

David Biespiel, A Long High Whistle: Selected Columns (nonfiction, Antilever Press)

Richard Blanco, Matters of the Sea/Cosas Del Mar (chapbook, bilingual, University of Pittsburgh Press)

Gary Blankenburg, Above All Things (BrickHouse Books)

David Bristol, The Hour of the Poem Poem: Poems on Writing (New Academia Publishing)

Jeffrey Brown, The News: Poems (Copper Canyon)

Sass Brown, USA-1000 (Southern Illinois University Press)

Grace Cavalieri, My Life Upon the Wicked Stage (memoir, New Academia/Scarith Books)

Gail Braune Comorat, Phases of the Moon (chapbook, Finishing Line Press)

Ellen Compton, Gathering Dusk (Snapshot Press)

Kyle G. Dargan, Honest Engine (University of Georgia Press)

Susan Muaddi Darraj, A Curious Land: Stories from Home (short fiction, University of Massachusetts Press)

Ann Dernier, In the Fury (Grey Book Press)

celeste doaks, Cornrows and Cornfields (Wrecking Ball Press)

Jessica Lynn Dotson, Time Trials (chapbook, L + S Press)

Buck Downs, Tachycardia: Poems 2010 – 2012 (Edge Books)

Suzanne Dracius, Calazaza’s Delicious Dereliction, translated from French to English by Nancy Naomi Carlson (Tupelo Press)

David Ebenbach, We Were the People Who Moved (Tebot Bach)

Cathy Eisenhower, distance delay (Ugly Duckling Presse)

Julie R. Enszer, Lilith’s Demons (A Midsummer Night’s Press)

Lesley Lee Francis, You Come Too: My Journey with Robert Frost (memoir, University of Virginia Press)

Heather Fuller, Dick Cheney’s Heart (Edge Books)

D. Gilson, I Will Say This Exactly One Time (Essays, Sibling Rivalry Press)

Howard Gofreed, Lemon Light (Broadkill River Press)

Sid Gold, Good with Oranges (Broadkill River Press)

Barbara Goldberg, Kingdom of Speculation (chapbook, Accents Publishing)

Joshua Gray, Steel Cut Oats (Red Dashboard)

Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Lighting the Shadow (Four Way Books)

Juan Felipe Herrera, Notes on the Assemblage (City Lights Books)

Langston Hughes, Selected Letters of Langston Hughes, ed. Arnold Rampersad and David Roessel (Knopf)

Sonja James, The White Spider in My Hand (New Academia Publishing)

Andrew Jarvis, The Strait (Homebound Publications)

W. Luther Jett, Not Quite: Poems Written in Search of My Father (Finishing Line Press)

Sally Keith, River House (Milkweed Editions)

Victoria Kelly, When the Men Go Off to War: Poems (Naval Institute Press)

Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, Face Half-Illuminated (Apprentice House Press)

Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, Oblige the Light (CityLit)

Maxine Kumin, The Pawnbroker’s Daughter (memoir, W.W. Norton & Co.)

Mary Ann Larkin, On Gannon Street (Broadkill River Press)

Lyn Lifshin, Femme Eterna (Glass Lyre Press)

Lyn Lifshin, Moving Thru Stained Glass: The Maple Poems (Night Ballet Press)

Mike Maggio, Garden of Rain (Le Jardin de Pluie) (Aldrich Press)

Magus Magnus, The Free Spirit: Unleashing the Individual from Internal and External Constraint (nonfiction, e-book, Amazon Digital Services)

Magus Magnus, with Tony Mancus, Casey Smith and Gowri Koneswaran, eckClogs (chapbook, Furniture Press Books)

Tony Mancus, City Country (chapbook, Seattle Review)

Jenny Molberg, Marvels of the Invisible (Tupelo Press)

David Nicholson, Flying Home: Seven Stories of the Secret City (fiction, Paycock Press)

Eric Pankey, Crow-Work (Milkweed Editions)

Alicia Partnoy, Flowering Fires/Fuegos Florales (Settlement House Books)

Linda Pastan, Insomnia (W.W. Norton)

Richard Peabody, The Richard Peabody Reader (Santa Fe Writers Project)

Lisa Pegram, Cracked Calabash (chapbook, Central Square Press)

Elizabeth Poliner, What You Know in Your Hands (David Robert Books)

Frederick Pollack, A Poverty of Words (Prolific Press)

Ann Rayburn, The Midnight Gardener Chronicles (poetry and prose, Mercury HeartLink)

Elisavietta Ritchie, Guy Wires (Poets Choice Publishing)

Kim Roberts, Fortune’’s Favor: Scott in the Antarctic (Poetry Mutual)

Alexis Rotella, Between Waves (Red Moon Press)

Kay Ryan, Erratic Facts (Grove Press

Katherine Smith, Woman Alone on the Mountain (Iris Press)

Rod Smith, Touché (Wave Books)

Maryhelen Snyder, Never the Loss of Wings (Passager Books)

Marcela Sulak, Decency (Black Lawrence Press)

Marianne Szlyk, I Dream of Empathy (chapbook, Flutter Press)

Naomi Thiers, She Was a Cathedral (Finishing Line Press)

Maureen Thorson, The Woman, The Mirror, The Eye (chapbook, Bloof Books)

Nicole Tong, My Mine (chapbook, Finishing Line Press)

Patricia Valdata, Where No Man Can Touch (West Chester University)

Tyler Vile, Never Coming Home (novel-in-verse, Topside Press)

Abdourahman Waberi, The Nomads, My Brothers, Go Out to Drink from the Big Dipper (Les Nomades, mes frères, vont boire à la grande ourse), trans. Nancy Naomi Carlson (Seagull Books)

Tim’m West, pre|dispositions (Red Dirt)

Kathi Wolfe, Uppity Blind Girl (chapbook, BrickHouse Books)

Carina Yun, On Loving a Saudi Girl (Headmistress Press)

The Best American Poetry 2015, ed. Sherman Alexie. Contributors include: Thomas Sayers Ellis, Hailey Leithauser, Tanya Olson, Terrence WInch. (anthology, Simon & Schuster)

The Best of Gival Press Short Stories, ed. Robert L. Giron. Contributors include: Perry Glasser, Tim Johnston. (anthology, Gival Press)

Best of the Net 2014 Anthology, ed. Kathy Fagan, Lily Hong, Michael Martone. Contributors include Beltway Poetry’s winning poem by Joanne Rocky Delaplaine, as well as James Bigbee Garver, Megan Giddings, Julia Heney. (anthology, Sundress Publications)

The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop, ed. Kevin Coval. Contributors include: Kyle Dargan, Joel Dias-Porter, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Tarfia Faizullah, Randall Horton, Tony Medina, John Murillo. (anthology, Haymarket Books)

Busboys and Poets Presents Ain’t U Heard, produced by Andy Shallal and Bomani Armah. Contributors include: Bomani Armah, Holly Bass, Shelly Bell, Derrick Weston Brown, Sarah Browning, Regie Cabico, Twain Dooley, Droopy, Dwayne B, Rebecca Dupas, E-Baby, Danielle Evennou, Joseph LMS Green, Kanikki Jakarta, Gowri K., Kom, Drew Law & Pages Matam, Sarah Lawson, Katy Richey, DJ Tao, 13 of Nazareth, 2Deep the Poetess, Jonathan B. Tucker, Patrick Washington, G. Yamazawa (CD, Busboys and Poets)

Clash By Night, ed. Gregg Wilhelm and Gerry LaFemina. Contributors include: Ned Balbo, CL Bledsoe, Donald Illich, Richard Peabody, Jane Satterfield, Ravi Shankar, Dean Bartoli Smith. (anthology, CityLit Press).

Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres, ed. Marcela Sulak and Jacqueline Kolosov. Contributors include: Kazim Ali, A. Van Jordan, Gregory Orr. (anthology of essays and examples of hybrid genres, Rose Metal Press)

Joys of the Table: An Anthology of Culinary Verse, ed. Sally Zakariya. Contributors include: Janet Dinsmore, Eric Forsbergh, Conrad Geller, E. Laura Golberg, Gary Hanna, Jacqueline Jules, Lisa Kosow, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Michael H. Levin, Margaret S. Mullins, Susan Notar, John O’’Dell, Kim Roberts, D.A. Spruzen. (anthology, Richer Resources)

Liberation: New Works on Freedom from Internationally Renowned Poets, ed. Mark Ludwig. Contributors include: Richard Blanco, Rita Dove, Robert Pinsky, Yermiyahu Ahron Taub. (anthology, Beacon Press)

My Cruel Invention, ed. Bernadette Geyer. Contributors include: Kelly Cherry, Donald Illich, W. Luther Jett, Holly Karapetkova, Magus Magnus, Susan Bucci Mockler, Shelley Puhak, Kim Roberts, Laura Shovan, Marcela Sulak (anthology, Meerkat Press)

#OurLivesMatter: The Ballou Story Project, Shajena Erazo, ed., foreword by Kyle G. Dargan. Contributors: thirty students from Ballou High School, DC Public Schools (poetry and prose anthology, Shout Mouse Press)

Poetry Alive: The Iota Poetry Series 20th Anniversary Reading, hosted by Miles David Moore; live recording and editing by Terence Mulligan. Contributors: Karren L. Alenier, Nancy Allinson, Mel Belin, Dean Blehert, Pam Blehert, Doris Brody, Grace Cavalieri, Ellen Arnofsky Cole, Barbara DeCesare, W. Perry Epes, Claudia Gary, Barbara Goldberg, Tod Ibrahim, Donald Illich, Andrew Jarvis, Geff King, Lyn Lifshin, Gregory Luce, Greg McBride, Judith McCombs, Miles David Moore, Terence Mulligan, Richard Peabody, Kim Roberts, Joseph Ross, Martha Sanchez-Lowery, Naomi Thiers, Dan Vera, Mary Sherman Willis, Pamela Murray Winters, Kathi Wolfe, Katherine E. Young (CD, Minimus Productions)

Poetry in Medicine: An Anthology of Poems About Doctors, Patients, Illness, and Healing, ed. Michael Salcman. Contributors include: Elizabeth Arnold, David Bergman, Elizabeth Bishop, Shirley J. Brewer, Lucille Clifton, Claudia Emerson, Clarinda Harriss, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Robert Lowell, Linda Pastan, Stanley Plumly, Kay Ryan, Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams. (anthology, Persea Books)

Poets are Present Anthology, ed. Teddy Rodger. Contributors include: Rachel Adams, Karren L. Alenier, Paulette Beete, Regie Cabico, Buck Downs, Tafisha A. Edwards, Patricia Gray, Donald Illich, Andrew Jarvis, Tony Mancus, Pages Matam, Patric Pepper, Courtney Sexton, Maureen Thorson, Anne Harding Woodworth, Katherine E. Young, Suzanne Zweizig. (print and e-book anthology, Shakespeare Theatre Company)

Raising Lily Ledbetter: Women Poets Occupy the Workspace, ed. Carolyne Wright, M.L. Lyons, and Eugenia Toledo. Contributors include: Kim Addonizio, Sandra Beasley, Rita Dove, Luisa A. Igloria, Ellen Maycock, Bonnie J. Morris, Laura Shovan, Marianne Szylyk, Natasha Trethewey, Stacey K. Vargas, Davi Walders (anthology, University of Washington Press)

The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VII: North Carolina, ed. Jesse Graves, Paul Ruffin and William Wright. Contributors include: Catherine Carter, Roy Jacobstein, Kim Roberts, Katherine Soniat, Anne Harding Woodworth (anthology, Texas Review Press)