Indran Amirthanayagam

Marilia Peceros Valencia

Los Amantes/The Lovers, Hablando con mi padre/Talking with my Father: Marilia Peceros Valencia, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam



Los Amantes

Las nubes pasan lejos de los amantes,
aún en invierno están por todas partes,
las manos en los bolsillos del otro,
la sensación de soy tuyo.

La lluvia no espanta a los amantes,
intercambian los abrigos,
se confunden entre ellos,
caminan al unísono.

Empapados se besan
se envuelven y ahuyentan el frio,
hasta el viento los arrulla,
la ciudad los abraza.

Son demasiado bellos,
demasiado lindos,
para estar en este mundo,
deberíamos pegarles un tiro.

The Lovers

Clouds pass high above the lovers,
who even in winter are everywhere,
hands in each other’s pockets,
the feeling that I am yours.

Rain does not scare the lovers,
they exchange overcoats,
get mixed up in them,
they walk in unison.

Soaked they kiss, they wrap
themselves in each other
and make the cold flee,
even the wind rocks them gently,
the city embraces them.

They are too beautiful,
too pretty, to be
in this world, we ought to put
bullets in their heads.

Hablando con mi Padre

Padre, vuelvo a ti,
soy la hija prodiga en busca de consejo,
¿cómo se lidia con la degeneración humana?

vivo según tus convicciones y tus valores,
pero es tan difícil seguir de pie

Dime, hoy que vuelvo a ti
¿moriré como mártir?
¿debo seguir fuerte?

parada atléticamente,
con los pies bien plantados,
esperando el próximo golpe.

Pero Padre,
no conozco el consuelo
lejos de casa.

Talking With My Father

Father, I am back,
the prodigal daughter looking for advice,
tell me,
how does one deal with human decadence?

I live according to your convictions and values,
but it so difficult to continue.

Tell me, today that I am back,
will I die as a martyr?
Should I continue to be strong?

I will remain,
standing athletically,
my feet well dug in,
waiting for the next blow

But Father,
I don’t know comfort
far from home.


Indran Amirthanayagam writes poetry in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole. He is the author of twenty three books of poetry and poetry in translation, including Origami: Selected Poems of Manuel Ulacia, Blue Window (Dialogos Books) The Migrant States (Hanging Loose Press 2020),Coconuts on Mars (Paperwall, 2019), Uncivil War (Mawenzi House (formerly TSAR), Canada, 2013), and the Paterson Prize-winning The Elephants of Reckoning (Hanging Loose, 1993). Amirthanayagam is a 2020 Foundation for Contemporary Arts fellow in poetry, and a past fellow of the New York Foundation for the Arts, the US/Mexico Fund for Culture, and the MacDowell Colony. He edits The Beltway Poetry Quarterly; curates the reading series Poetry at Beltway Editions, and publishes poetry books with Sara Cahill Marron at Beltway Editions. He serves on the Board of DC-ALT. His blog is

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