Tina Darragh

Four Poems

Volume 15:2
Spring 2014

realities arc = origins

beginning to be: slightly

es        desk/money
es        money/third party/money
es        in/money
es        former Hispanic money
es        eat
es        armorial bearings
es        Protestant Apocrypha

ese     peculiar to
ese     power to shape disparate things
ese     alkaloid formed from the calabar bean

Eskimo, ridge or, Eskimo
softly dense
passes down the neck

pi         act of noticing
pi         rougish
pi         tapping

level open stretch of
forcing steam through
Zane Grey    esquire    Algonquian


Poem (“Murphy hasn’t called”)

Murphy hasn’t called.  The stuff I left at his place is still
there & when I made a note of that this morning I put down
“sully’’ when I meant “silly” and I’m not going for this in a
big way.  There’s a usual place where he eats his lunch and
(clothespin) I’ll walk in and (clothespin) walk up to him
and (clothespin) ask where the stuff is and (empty basket)
he’ll tell me. On the way there, I can’t go in.  I look
like I’m window shopping when a guy with long hair and
a beard gets reflected next to fuzzy bedroom slippers and
(fundamental particle – furnace) Murphy is at the rear table.
I motion to him, he turns to face me, and I completely   prince
frock   bar   mantle   tariff   piston   gourd   towel   sulphur
cathode   rabbit   water   winter   detergent   dot


Joan Belmar, "Route #3," acrylic, ink and gouache on paper, 2013

Joan Belmar, “Route #3,” acrylic, ink and gouache on paper, 2013

little finger

convential iris

having the ends of the arms broadening out into the heads

past tense of ‘fly’

the pendulous lateral part of a dog’s upper lip

sat    the strap as he talked

laying aside skin as old Scots for ‘frighten’

Fred MacMurray + turkey

police in Paris

old horse with a whip

dust off his shoes

cigarette against ashtray

eyes over the group

a signal with a mirror

wavering light often used in the plural

a step in a straight flight of steps

geeseing on the marsh

zippered outside pocket

determined to have one last



religious imagery in the work of p. inman

strands of rope are laid right—handed

downward, and the center of buoyancy, acting

moment of a righting couple

looks away along it

writh    lice
as those of a harbor


cut to its longest axis

stage right
right to work
right triangle

circumpolar seas


Lake of Lucerne   5906 ft.   having infinite values for its shear
modulus    at the knees any transformation    that the distance between
points is preserved    the star nearest the sun     confused, incoherent,
foolish    obsolete of circle = trench, gutter
Southern U.S.    a small stream    opera by Verdi    muscle tissues


praise + knowledge
seaport in Yugoslavia;   part of Italy, 1942—47
Dutch name for river, treaty, rickshaw, reichstag
to irritate (water or the like)

James Whitcomb Riley
Italian architecture, low relief
Rainer Maria Rilke

but not go in     and not go in

Rimbaud                    rhyme
identical rhyme            frost
perfect rhyme            driving a fid
rich rhyme                 rim + fire
full rhyme                  backlighting

rim lock rim man rim rock rim stone rimple rind
cattle plague Mary Roberts Rinehart ENFORCE ring of water
ring of smoke
dark rings around the eyes
dance in a ring
annual ring


Two recent works by Tina Darragh are freely available online: Deep eco pré, a collaboration with poet Marcella Durand residing on the Little Red Leaves web site, and opposable dumbs (Object 001, zimZalla Avant Objects, Manchester, UK). Darragh lives in Greenbelt, MD, and earns her keep as a librarian. To read more by this author: Plan B Press Issue