Antigoni Katsadima

Take me to the light – where: Antigoni Katsadima

I know there is no endless bridge
and sooner or later you end up in the street again,
the culture of everybody consumes your ideas
but you must follow that single path
of personal choices, book treasures from travels
and simple acts; this patchwork is the live painting
of your personality, running across
the Eden of the unconscious with summer shoes,
so light and in divided orbits,
while the eye of the sky is sweet blue on the edge
of the steaming hot clouds in motion.
I cannot think right now of a wish
better than taking me to the place of no bargaining;
take me to the light-where,
no more elbows shaking, pretending
to smile with an awkward face.
I always disliked wishes
but who cares about the missing gap,
there must be something when I say to myself
that I look like a rabbit in a sleeping room;
so much white fades away for nothing,
the clouds are widespread for free,
the full moon once in a month asks for no eyes’ fee,
why then should I worry for my rabbit me?
Take me to the light-where,
at least give me an empty box to imagine
there must be something in.

Antigoni Katsadima, born in Volos (Greece), lived in Aspra Spitia of Viotia until 18. Her Bachelor in Communication & Media Studies, at the National Kapodistrian University, -dpt. Mass Media and Communication- was followed by a Master in Political Communication & new technologies. Her reviews, interviews, essays, translations and poems have been published in literature reviews such as “Anti”, “New Synteleia”, ‘‘Diavazo’’, ‘‘Poetix’’, ‘‘(De)kata’’, “Entefktirio”, “La Bolsa de Pipas”, “Hablando con letras”, “Le Miau noir”, Avgi newspaper. Was selected for The House of Greek Parliament of Teenagers(session 1996-97) and represented Greece at the 14th Biennale of Young European Mediterranean Artists in poetry.