New Books 2000 to 2006


Kim Addonizio, Little Beauties (novel, Simon & Schuster)

Lisa Alvarado, Ann Hagman Cardinal, and Jane Alberdeston Coralin, Sister Chicas (young adult novel, Penguin/NAL Trade)

Claudia Gary-Annis, Humor Me (David Roberts Books)

Elizabeth Arnold, Civilization (Flood Editions)

Ed Baker, G oo dnight (Red Ochre Press)

E. Louise Beach, Blue Skies (Finishing Line)

Jules Boykoff, Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badge (Edge Books)

Andrea Carter Brown, The Disheveled Bed (CavanKerry)

Derrick Weston Brown, The Unscene (chapbook, Derrick Weston Brown)

Regie Cabico, Exodus (limited edition chapbook, Asian/Pacific/American Institute, New York University)

Grace Cavalieri, Water on the Sun/Acqua sol sole, Bilingual English/Italian, trans. Maria Enrico. Winner of the Bordighera Poetry Prize for an American poet of Italian descent (Bordighera Press)

Michael Collier, Dark Wild Realm (Houghton Mifflin)

Buck Downs, Pontiac Fever (CD, Narrow House)

Buck Downs, In Memory D Thompson (limited edition, Buck Downs). A series of poems composed of rubbings taken from headstones in Congressional Cemetery, DC.

Buck Downs, Ladies Love Oulaws (chapbook, Edge Books)

Blas Falconer, The Perfect Hour (Pleasure Boat Studio)

JoAnne Growney, My Dance is Mathematics (chapbook, Paper Kite Press).

Donald Hall, White Apples and the Taste of Stone (Houghton Mifflin)

Judith Harris, The Bad Secret (Louisiana State University Press)

Jeffrey Harrison, The Names of Things: New and Selected Poems (Dufour Editions)

Jeffrey Harrison, Incomplete Knowledge (Four Way Books)

Randall Horton, The Definition of Place (Main Street Rag)

Esther Iverem, Living in Babylon (Africa World Press)

Charles Jensen, Living Things (chapbook, Thorngate Road)

Brandon D. Johnson, Love’s Skin (The Word Works)

Beth Baruch Joselow, The Bottleneck (chapbook, the interrupting cow)

David Keplinger, The Prayers of Others (New Issues)

Alan King, transfer (chapbook, Alan King)

Nandinee Kutty, Kavitanjali: Offering with Both Hands (chapbook, Nandinee K. Kutty)

Doug Lang, Selected Poems (Edge Books)

Lyn Lifshin, Another Woman Who Looks Like Me (Black Sparrow)

Reb Livingston and Ravi Shankar, Wanton Textiles (No Tell Books)

C.M. Mayo, The Essential Francisco Sosa, or Picadou’s Mexico City (CD, Tameme)

R.J. McCaffery, Ice Sculpture of Mermaid with Cigar (Three Candles Press)

John Morris, The Musician, Approaching Sleep (chapbook, Dos Madres Press)

The Original Woman, The Addiction (CD, The Original Woman)

Linda Pastan, Queen of a Rainy Country (WW Norton)

Dwaine Rieves, When the Eye Forms (Tupelo Press)

Elisavietta Ritchie, Awaiting Permission to Land (Cherry Grove Collections)

stevenallenmay, fracturedevelopment (chapbook, Plan B Press)

Henry Taylor, Crooked Run (Louisiana State University Press)

Truth Thomas, Party of Black (chapbook; Mouthmark Press)

Maureen Thorson, Mayport (2006 Chapbook Poetry Fellowship winner, Poetry Society of America)

Joshua Weiner, From the Book of Giants (Univ. of Chicago Press)

Ed Zahniser, Mall-Hopping with the Great I AM (Somondoco Press)

Alice Redux: New Stories of Alice, Lewis, and Wonderland, ed. Richard Peabody. Contributors include: Miles David Moore, Ross Taylor, Donya Currie Arias, Ann Downer, Kevin Downs, C.M. Dupre, Martin Seay, Aurelie Sheehan, MaryAnn Suehle, Victoria Popdan and Dorothy Hickson. (Paycock Press)

American War Poetry, ed. Lorrie Goldensohn.  Contributors include: Joel Barlow, Ambrose Bierce, Elizabeth Bishop, Joseph Brodsky, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Carolyn Forché, Charlotte L. Forten Grimké, Anthony Hecht, Langston Hughes, Randall Jarrell, Francis Scott Key, Robert Lowell, Archibald MacLeish, Joaquin Miller, Ezra Pound, Walt Whitman. (Columbia University Press).

The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel, ed. Reb Livingston and Molly Arden. Contributors include Carly Sachs, Kim Roberts, Christy Zink, Emily Lloyd, Ken Rumble, and Ravi Shankar (No Tell Books)

Enhanced Gravity: Short Fiction by Washington Area Women Writers, ed. Richard Peabody. Contributors include: Ramola D, Sibbie O’Sullivan, Elizabeth Poliner, Venus Thrash (Paycock Press)

Evensong: Contemporary American Poets on Spirituality, ed. Gerry LaFemina and Chad Prevost. Contributors include Francisco Aragón, Eric Pankey, Ravi Shankar. (Bottom Dog)

fish in love, edited by Roberta Beary and Ellen Compton (anthology, Haiku Society of America)

Gathering Ground: A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem’s First Decade, ed. Toi Derricotte and Cornelius Eady. Contributors include Elizabeth Alexander, Holly Bass, Derrick Weston Brown, Teri Ellen Cross, Kyle G. Dargan, Joel Dias-Porter, Michele Elliott, John Frazier, Monica A. Hand, Yona Harvey, Brandon D. Johnson, Ernesto Mercer, and Venus Thrash (University of Michigan Press)

Growing Up Girl: An Anthology of Voices from Marginalized Spaces, ed. Michelle Sewell. Contributors include Teri Ellen Cross, Yael Flusberg, Charniece FoxLisa Joyner, J. ScalesSonya Renee Taylor (GirlChild Pres)

Legitimate Dangers: American Poets of the New Century, ed. Michael Dumanis and Cate Marvin. Contributors include: Jeffrey McDaniel, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Richard Blanco, A. Van Jordan (Sarabande Books)

Mexico: A Traveler’s Literary Companion, ed. C.M. Mayo. Short fiction from Mexico in translation. (Wherabouts Press)

The Oxford Anthology of African-American Poetry, ed. Arnold Rampersad. Contributors include Elizabeth Alexander, Sterling A. BrownPaul Laurence DunbarCornelius Eady, Angelina Weld GrimkeLangston Hughes,E. Ethelbert Miller, May Miller, Larry NealJean Toomer (Oxford University Press)

The Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean South, ed. Nikky Finney. Contributors include Holly Bass, Remica L. Bingham, Lucille Clifton, Jane Alberdeston Coralin, Camille T. Dungy, Cornelius Eady, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Reginald Harris, Reuben Jackson, Brandon D. Johnson, E. Ethelbert Miller, Evie Shockley, Truth Thomas (Univ. of Georgia Press)

Sex & Chocolate: Tasty Morsels for Mind and Body, ed. Lucinda Ebersole and Richard Peabody. Contributors include R.R. Angell, Jodi Bloom, Jane Bradley, Moira Egan, Ivy Goodman, Deirdre McAfee, Leslie Pietrzyk, Nani Power, Gregg Shapiro (Paycock Press)

Under the Rock Umbrella: Contemporary American Poets from 1951-1977, ed. William Walsh. Contributors include: Kim Addonizio, Michael Collier, Kate Daniels, Thomas Sayers Ellis, James Harms, Cate Marvin, Campbell McGrath, Barbara J. Orton, Elizabeth Spires, Susan Tichy, Afaa Michael Weaver. (Mercer University Press)

Voces y memorias de la Luna, ed. Rei Berroa. Anthology in Spanish of poets featured in the annual Poetry Marathon sponsored by Teatro de la Luna. Featured authors include Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Rei Berroa, Gladys Ilarregui (Colecctión Libros de la Luna)


Kim Alexander and Jeffery Duarté, Sleight of Hand, Twist of Fate (Speak Easy Publishing)

Kwame Alexander, Dancing Naked on the Floor (Writers Lair Books)

Kwame Alexander, The Way I Walk, short stories and poems for young adults (Capital Book Fest)

Paulette Beete, Blues for a Pretty Girl (Finishing Line Press)

Sylvia D. Beverly, Forever in Your Eyes (Golden Arts Publishing)

Richard Blanco, Directions to the Beach of the Dead (Univ. of Arizona Press)

Brofucius (aka Jeffrey G. Duarté), Hot Licks & Rhetoric (CD, Speak Easy Publishing)

Leslie Bumstead, Cipher/Civilian (Edge Books)

Nancy Naomi Carlson, Imperfect Seal of Lips (chapbook, winner of the Tennessee Chapbook Prize, published in Poems & Plays, Issue 12).

Grace Cavalieri, What I Would Do for Love: Poems in the Voice of May Wollstonecraft (Jacaranda Press)

Donna Denize, Broken Like Job (The Word Works)

James Ellis III, OnThaGrindCuzin: The School Daze of Being ‘Incognegro’ in 1619 (Publish America)

Thomas Sayers Ellis, The Maverick Room (Graywolf Press)

Ethan Fischer, Beached in the Hourglass (The Bunny and the Crocodile Press)

Lesley Lee Francis, Robert Frost: An Adventure in Poetry, 1900-1918 (memoir, Transaction Publishers)

Edith Grant, Centaur and Other Poems (Xlibris)

Jennifer Gresham, Diary of a Cell (Steel Toe Books)

Piotr Gwiazda, Gagarin Street (Washington Writers Publishing House)

Saskia Hamilton, Divide These (Graywolf Press)

Jeffrey Harrison, An Undertaking (Haven Street Press)

Ailish Hopper, Bird in the Head (The Center for Book Arts)

Philip K. Jason, Greatest Hits: 1970-2001 (chapbook; Pudding House Press)

David KeplingerThe Clearing (New Issues)

David Kresh, Turn Off or Use Opener (The Blue House Press)

Mary Ann Larkin, A Shimmering That Goes With Us (Finishing Line Press)

Vladimir Levchev, The Rainbow Mason (Cornerstone Books)

Lyn Lifshin, The Daughter I Don’t Have (Plan B Press)

Lyn Lifshin, The Licorice Daughter (Texas Review Press)

Gary Copeland Lilley, Black Poem (chapbook, Hollyridge Press)

Savora Matzo, Soul of Savora (Bamboo Books)

David McAleavey, Huge Haiku (Chax Press)

Richard McCann, Mother of Sorrows (Pantheon Books)

Judith McCombs, The Habit of Fire: Poems Selected & New (The Word Works)

Laura Minning, sunburst (Xlibris)

Mel Nichols, Day Poems (Edge Books)

Sibbie O’Sullivan, Little Wheel (CD, A Dim Puce Production)

Kathleen O’Toole, Practice (chapbook, Finishing Line Press)

Patric Pepper, Temporary Apprehensions (Washington Writers Publishing House)

Elizabeth Poliner, Mutual Life & Casualty (novel, Permanent Press)

Elisavietta Ritchie, The Spirit of the Walrus (Bright Hill Press)

Anne Sheldon, The Adventures of the Faithful Counselor (Aqueduct Press)

Michelle Sewell, Consider This… (CD, The Poetry Fix)

J.D. Smith, Settling for Beauty (Cherry Grove)

Rod Smith, Fear the Sky (CD, Narrow House Recordings)

Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, The Insatiable Psalm: Poems (Wind River Press)

Hilary Tham, Tin Mines and Concubines (short fiction, Washington Writers Publishing House)

Etan Thomas, More Than an Athlete (Moore Black Press)

Maureen Thorson, Abecedarium (chapbook, Big Game Press)

Maureen Thorson, EVOL (chapbook, Big Game Press)

Nap Turner, Nap Turner Presents Hughes’ View of the Blues. The acclaimed WPFW-FM deejay reading Langston Hughes‘s Jesse B. Semple stories (CD, Right on Rhythm).

Jonathan Vaile, Blue Cowboy (The Word Works)

Joy C. West, Dancing on the Fringes of the Realm (chapbook, Joy C. West).

Sharlie West, House of Bones (Shadows Ink Publications)

Alice Redux: New Stories of Alice, Lewis, and Wonderland, ed. Richard Peabody (fiction anthology, Paycock Press).

An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Women’s Studies, ed. Brianne Friel and Robert L. Giron (nonfiction anthology, Gival Press)

180 More: Extraordinary Poems for Every Day, ed. Billy Collins. Contributors include Christina Daub, Anthony Hecht, Edward Hirsch, Ted Kooser, Linda Pastan (Random House).

Only the Sea Keeps: Poetry of the Tsunami, ed. Judith R. Robinson, Joan E. Bauer, & Sankar Roy. Contributors include: Indran Amirthanayagam, Mel Belin, Rick Cannon, Grace Cavalieri, John Clarke, Tom Donlon, Yael Flusberg, Robert L. Giron, Lyn Lifshin, Elisavietta Ritchie, Kim Roberts, Avideh Shashaani, Davi Walders, Ernie Wormwood (Rupa & Co. in New Delhi, India/Bayeux Arts, Calgary, Canada).

Poetic Voices Without Borders, ed. Robert L. Giron. Contributors include Karren L. Alenier, Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Rei Berroa, Jody Bolz, Grace Cavalieri, Piotr Gwiazda, Suzan Shown Harjo, Peter Klappert, C.M. Mayo, Judith McCombs, E. Ethelbert Miller, Richard Peabody, Kim Roberts, Myra Sklarew, Hilary Tham, Davi Walders and Ernie Wormwood (Gival Press).

Poetry Alive at Iota: 10th Anniversary CD, ed. Terence Mulligan, Martha Sanchez-Lowery and Miles David Moore. Featured authors include: Karren L. Alenier, Dean Blehert, Grace Cavalieri, Sunil Freeman, Patricia Gray, Reuben Jackson, Hiram Larew, Judith McCombs, Richard Peabody, Kim Roberts, Hilary Tham (CD anthology, Minimus Productions).

Unexpected Harvest: A Gathering of Blessings, ed. Ruth Moon Kempher. Contributors include Dean Blehert, Grace Cavalieri, Peter Klappert, Miles David Moore, Elisavietta Ritchie, Hilary Tham (Kings Estate Press)

A Wild Perfection: Selected Letters of James Wright, ed. Anne Wright and Saundra Rose Maley (nonfiction, Farrar Straus & Giroux)


Kim Addonizio, What Is This Thing Called Love (WW Norton)

Richard Blanco, Nowhere But Here (chapbook, Hill-Stead Museum)

Jody Bolz, A Lesson in Narrative Time (Gihon Books)

Christopher Conlon, The Weeping Time (Argonne House Press)

Erik Gamlem, Death Language: Collected Poems (Kiss/Kill Press)

Dana Gioia, Disappearing Ink: Poetry at the End of Print Culture (essays, Graywolf Press)

Patricia Gray, Rupture (Red Hen Press)

Jen Gresham, Explaining Relativity to the Cat (chapbook, Pudding House Press)

Marc Harshman, Local Journeys (chapbook, Finishing Line Press)

Rod Jellema, A Slender Grace (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing)

Richard Eric Johnson, Schemes of Consciousness (Mellen Poetry Press)

Sally Keith, Dwelling Song (University of Georgia Press)

Chungmi Kim, Glacier Lily (Red Hen Press)

Ann B. Knox, The Dark Edge (Pudding House Press)

Gerry LaFemina, The Parakeets of Brooklyn. Bilingual English/Italian, trans. Elisa Biagini. (chapbook, winner of the Bordighera Poetry Prize for an American poet of Italian descent, Bordighera Press)

C.E. Laine, Postcards from a Summer Girl (Sun Rising Books)

Michael Lally, March 18, 2003 (Libellum)

Barbara Lefcowitz, Photo, Bomb, Red Chair (Fithian Press)

Lyn Lifshin, The Barbie Poems (chapbook, The Lummox Press)

Lyn Lifshin, When a Cat Dies (chapbook, The Moon Press)

Lyn Lifshin, Another Woman’s Story (limited edition chapbook, Butcher Shop Press)

Lyn Lifshin, Secretariat: The Red Freak, The Miracle (Texas Review Press)

Gary Copeland Lilley, The Subsequent Blues (Four Way Books)

Gary Copeland Lilley, The Reprehensibles (chapook, Fractal Edge Press)

Miles David Moore, Rollercoaster (The Word Works)

E. Ethelbert Miller, How We Sleep on the Nights We Don’t Make Love (Curbstone Press)

Erin Murphy, Science of Desire (Word Press)

Christopher Nealon, The Joyous Age (Black Square Editions)

Gloria Oden, Appearances (Saru Press International)

Billye Okera, The Mourner’s Bench and Other Stations of Weeping & Joy (Speak-Easy Publishing)

Eric Pankey, Reliquaries (Ausable Press)

Richard Peabody, Last of the Red Hot Magnetos (Paycock Press)

Mary Quattlebaum, Family Reunion. Poems for young people with illustrations by Andrea Shine (Eerdmans)

Kaia Sand, Interval (Edge Books)

The Silhouette Lover, Shadow Dancing (Speak-Easy Publishing)

Cheryl Snell, Epithalamion (Little Poem Press)

Peter Streckfus, The Cuckoo (Yale University Press)

Maureen Thorson, Calamity and the Calamity Annex (chapbook, Big Game Press)

Maureen Thorson, Novelty Act (chapbook, Ugly Duckling Presse)

Hamed Vahidi, Ruins of the Soul (Llumina Press)

Mark Wallace, Haze: Essays, Poems, Prose (Edge Books)

Cabin Fever: Poets at Joaquin Miller’s Cabin, 1984-2001, ed. Jacklyn Potter, Dwaine Rieves, and Gary Stein. Includes: Jane Alberdeston Coralín, Karren L. Alenier, Jennifer Atkinson, Holly Bass, Anne Becker, Dean Blehert, Rick Cannon, Kenneth Carroll, Grace Cavalieri, Michael Collier, Joanne Rocky Delaplaine, Roland Flint, Sunil Freeman, Nan Fry, David Gewanter, Brian Gilmore, Patricia Gray, Daniel Gutstein, Reuben Jackson, Valerie Jean, Rod Jellema, Brandon D. Johnson, Jean Johnson, Beth Baruch Joselow, Hiram Larew, Merrill Leffler, Toni Asante Lightfoot, David McAleavey, Richard McCann, Judith McCombs, E. Ethelbert Miller, Miles David Moore, Sibbie O’Sullivan, Stanley Plumly, Kim Roberts, Martha Sanchez-Lowery, Myra Sklarew, Gary Stein, Hilary Tham, Davi Walders, Reed Whittemore, Rhonda Williford, Terence Winch (The Word Works)

DC Poets Against the War: An Anthology (Second Edition), ed. Sarah Browning, Michele Elliott and Danny Rose. Featured authors include: Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Naomi Ayala, Rei Berroa, Richard BlancoJody Bolz, Kenneth CarrollGrace Cavalieri, David Gewanter, Patricia Gray, Peter Klappert, Ann B. Knox, Mike Maggio, Judith McCombs, E. Ethelbert Miller, Samuel Miranda, John S. Murillo, Richard Peabody, DJ Renegade, Melanie RiveraKim Roberts, M.A. SchaffnerMyra Sklarew, Rebecca Villarreal (DCPAW)

DC Slam Semi-Finals 2004, SLAMicide (Baltimore) Semi-Finals, and the DC/Baltimore Slam Team Finals Night 2004; available on DVD separately or as a 3-disc box set.

Grace and Gravity: Fiction by Washington Area Women, ed. Richard Peabody. Contributors include Sophy Burnham, Lucinda Ebersole, Patricia Griffith, Judith Harris, C.M. Mayo, Leslie Pietrzyk, Mary Quattlebaum, Myra Sklarew, Mary Kay Zuravleff (Paycock Press)

Sheets for Men Only: International anthology of poetry and prose, ed. Claire Kincannon. 25 contributors from 12 countries, including E. Ethelbert Miller, Steve Scafidi, Henry Taylor (Dancingink Press).

31 Arlington Poets, ed. Richard Peabody. Contributors include: Karren L. Alenier, Rei Berroa, John Elsberg, Miles David Moore, Kim Roberts, Martha Sanchez-Lowery, M.A. Schaffner, Hilary Tham ( CD anthology; Paycock Press).

Women in the Avant Garde: Laura Elrich, Heather Fuller, Carol Mrakove, Kristin Prevallet, and Deborah Richards (CD anthology, Narrow House Recordings).


Afrika M.A. Abney, aka Ashawarrior, Dancers in the Wind (RAH Distributors/Express Yourself Books)

Karren LaLonde Alenier, Greatest Hits (Pudding House Press)

Elizabeth Alexander, The Black Interior: Essays (nonfiction, Graywolf Press).

Peter Blair, The Divine Salt (Autumn House Press)

Gregory T. Boykin, What Makes a Man? (Speak-Easy Publishing)

Brofucius, Lyrical Liquor (CD, Speak Easy Publishing)

Dan Campbell, Sleeper Car Meditations (Dan Campbell)

Rick Cannon, The Composition of Absence (Pudding House Press)

Christopher Conlon, Gilbert and Garbo in Love (The Word Works)

Jeffrey G. Duarté and Gregory T. Boykin, Why I Stare At You (Speak Easy Publishing)

O.B. Hardison, Jr., Reading His Poetry (CD, Bard Records)

Judith Harris, Signifying Pain: Constructing and Healing the Self Through Writing (nonfiction, SUNY Press)

Anthony Hecht, Collected Later Poems (Knopf)

Anthony Hecht, Essays on the Mysteries of Poetry (nonfiction, Johns Hopkins University Press)

James Hopkins, Eight Pale Women (The Word Works)

KaNikki Jakarta, The Skillz of a Sistah (Great Publishing LLC)

Lidia Kosk, niedosyt / reshapings, translated by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka (bilingual, Pod Wiatr)

Mary Ann Larkin and Patric Pepper, The DNA of the Heart (Pond Road Press)

Robert Lowell: Collected Poems, ed. Frank Bidart and David Gewanter (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

Tonya “JaHipster” Matthews, The Legend of Afrodite (CD, JaHipster).

William Matthews, Search Party: Collected Poems of William Matthews, ed. Sebastian Matthews and Stanley Plumly (Houghton Mifflin)

Mark McMorris, The Blaze of Poui (University of Georgia Press)

Tony Medina, Committed to Breathing (Third World Press)

Billye Okera, The Mourner’s Bench and Other Stations of Weeping & Joy (Speak-Easy Publishing)

Eric Pankey, Oracle Figures (Ausable Press)

Stanley Plumly, Argument & Song: Sources & Silences in Poetry (nonfiction, Other Press)

Ezra Pound, Ego Scriptor Cantilenae: The Music of Ezra Pound. Includes samples from his two operas and pieces for solo violin (CD, Other Minds)

Robert Sargent, 99 After 80 (The Bunny and Crocodile Press)

Katherine Smith, Argument by Design (Washington Writers Publishing House)

Rod Smith, Music or Honesty (Roof Books)

Stimulates, Dark: A Sunset Rising (Speak-Easy Publishing)

Hilary Tham, The Tao of Mrs. Wei (The Bunny and the Crocodile Press)

Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets of Virginia. ed. Sarah Kennedy and R.T. Smith. Contributors include: Jennifer Atkinson, Kelly Cherry, Rita Dove, Claudia Emerson, Margaret Gibson, Nikki Giovanni, Sally KeithPeter Klappert, Eric Pankey, Tim Seibles, Katherine Soniat, Lisa Russ SpaarHenry Taylor, Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, Reetika Vazirani, Charles Wright (University of Virginia Press).

DC Poets Against the War, ed. Naomi Ayala, Sarah Browning, Michele Elliott, and Danny Rose. Includes: Rei Berroa, Kenneth Carroll, Grace Cavalieri, David Gewanter, Patricia Gray, Peter Klappert, Ann Knox, E. Ethelbert Miller, Kim Roberts, Rebecca Villarreal (Argonne House)

The Earthworm Project, includes Droopy, Komplex, Abena Disroe, Tonya “JaHipster” Matthews, Krayola (CD anthology, Paragon Sound)

The Healing Fountain: Poetry Therapy for Life’s Journey, ed. Geri Chavis and Lila Weisberger (anthology of essays and poems, National Assn. for Poetry Therapy).

100 Poets Against the War, ed. Todd Swift. Includes Kenneth Carroll, Richard Peabody, Rebecca Villarreal (Salt Publishing)

Paint Me Like I Am: Teen Poems from Writers Corps. Approximately 100 poems by teens from DC, NY, and San Francisco. Forward by Nikki Giovanni, Essay by Kevin Powell, plus writing tips by WritersCorps intructors (Harper Collins)

Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry, ed. Billy Collins. Includes Geraldine Connolly, Phillis Levin, Henry Taylor, Reed Whittemore, Terence Winch (Random House)

The Road Less Taken: The St. Valentine Sunday Poetry Marathon 2001, ed. Chezia Thompson Cager and Blair Ewing. Includes Ron D. Baker, Hiram Larew, Nicki Miller, Richard Peabody (CD anthology, Maryland Institute College of Art).

Spoken Here, Spoken Now: A Celebration of 30 Years of Poetry. Contributors include David Bristol, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Ramola D, Ann Knox, David McAleavey, Elisabeth Murawski, Jean Nordhaus, Elisavietta Ritchie (CD anthology, Washington Writers Publishing House)

The Spoken Word Revolution: Slam, Hip Hop & The Poetry of a New Generation, ed. Mark Eleveld. Contributors include: Regie Cabico, DJ Renegade, Jeffrey McDaniel. (anthology with CD, Sourcebooks, Inc.)


David Bristol, Toad and Other Poems (The Bunny and the Crocodile Press)

Brofucius, The Philosophical Brother (Speak Easy Publishing)

J. Wesley Clark, I am Paraguay (No. 17 in the Second Series of Bogg free-for-postage pamphlets, Bogg Publications)

Maxine Combs, Listening for Wings (Wineberry Press).

Christopher Conlon, What There Is (Argonne House)

Joel Dias-Porter, Libation Song (CD, Black Magi Music)

Cathy Eisenhower, Language of the Dog-Heads (Phylum Press)

Blair Ewing, And To The Republic (Argonne House)

Heather Fuller, Dovecote (Edge Books)

Angela Goldemund, The Gray Notebook of a Stranger (Tibia Books)

Donald Hall, The Painted Bed (Houghton Mifflin Co.)

Reginald Harris, Ten Tongues (Three Conditions Press)

Roy Jacobstein, Ripe (University of Wisconsin Press)

Dolores Kendrick, Why the Woman is Singing on the Corner (Peter Randall Press)

Vladimir Levchev, Heavenly Balkans (Argonne House)

Lyn Lifshin, A New Film About a Woman in Love with the Dead (March Street Press)

Ed McCafferty, Audrey & I Strike Forth (Argonne House)

Tony Medina, Love to Langston, children’s book, with illustrations by Gregory Christie (Lee and Low Books)

Jean Nordhaus, The Porcelain Apes of Moses Mendelssohn (Milkweed Editions)

Joe Osterhaus, Radiance (Zoo Press)

Linda Pastan, The Last Uncle (WW Norton)

Richard Peabody, Rain Flowers (e-chapbook, Ahadada Press)

Judith Podell, Blues for Beginners (Argonne House)

Ilona Popper, Break (The Bunny and the Crocodile Press)

Lee Sang, Crow’s Eye View: The Infamy of Lee Sang, Korean Poet, work selected and translated by Myong-Hee Kim (The Word Works)

Robert Sargent, Wondrous News (Argonne House)

M.A. Schaffner, War Boys (novel, Welcome Rain)

Ravi Shankar, Instrumentality (Cherry Grove)

Ann Sheldon, Hero-Surfing (Washington Writers Publishing House)

Silhouette Lover, Standing in the Shadows of Love (Speak Easy Publishing)

Ronny Someck, The Fire Stays in Red: Poems, translated from the Hebrew by Moshe Dor and Barbara Goldberg (University of Wisconsin Press)

Herman Taube, Looking Back, Going Forward: New & Selected Poems (University of Wisconsin Press)

Edward Weismiller, Walking Toward the Sun (Yale University Press)

Beyond the Frontier, ed. E. Ethelbert Miller. Includes Lauren Anita Arrington, Kenneth Carroll, James Coleman, Joy Dawson, Cornelius Eady, Patricia Elam, Gideon Ferebee, Calvin Forbes, Brian Gilmore, Michelle Calhoun Greene, Monica A. Hand, Peter J. Harris, Yona Camille Harvey, Michael Hill, Amitiyah Elayne Hyman, Esther Iverem, Reuben Jackson, Valerie Jean, Brandon D. Johnson, Lisa Elaine Johnson, A. Van Jordan, Carolyn Joyner, Kiamsha Madelyn Leeke, Toni Asante Lightfoot, Gary Lilley, Garrett McDowell, Sydney March, Nyere-Gibran Miller, Gaston Neal, Ronald D. Palmer, Lisa Pegram, Tammy Lynn Pertillar, DJ Renegade, Sybil Roberts, Gigi Maria Ross, S.P. Shephard, StacyLynn, Darrell Stover, Imani Tolliver, Lori Tsang, Elaine Upton, Jennifer Lisa Vest, Eunice Juaguina Watkins-Cothram, Brother Yao.  (Black Classic Press)

An Eye for an Eye Makes the World Blind: Poets on 9/11, ed. Allen Cohen, Clive Matson, and Michael Parenti. Includes Grace Cavalieri, Lyn Lifshin, Robert Pinsky (Regent Press).

Hammer and Blaze: A Gathering of Contemporary American Poets, ed. Ellen Byrant Voigt and Heather McHugh. Includes Michael Collier, Roland Flint (University of Georgia Press)

The Heroes of Slam!, Featuring poems by members of the DC/Baltimore National Slam Team: Twain Dooley, Joanna Hoffman, David Lankford, Queen Sheba, Dave Schein (David Lankford)

Journey to Timbooktu: An African-American Poetic Odyssey, ed. Memphis Vaughn. Authors include Tracy BrownJohn Riddick, Jamal Sharif, L.D. Stewart, Zamounde (Timbooktu)

Over the Rooftops of Time: Jewish Stories, Essays, and Poems, ed. Myra Sklarew (poetry and prose anthology, State University of New York Press)

A Poetic Bridge: Poems by Poets Anonymous in the USA and United Kingdom. Includes Grace Cavalieri, Mike Crowley, Sam Hurst, Stazja MacFadyen, Nicki Miller, Jean Russell, Edith Graciela Sanabria,  (PA Press)

Poetology. Features D. Bell, Myisha Cherry, Droopy, Men Maa Aim Ra, Native Son, Queen Sheba, Sir Reigns (CD, Poetology)

Roll Call: A Generational Anthology of Social and Political Black Literature and Art, ed. Tony Medina, Quraysh Ali Lansana, Samiya A. Bashir (Third World Press)

September Eleven: Maryland Voices. Contributors include: Ned Balbo, Linda Joy Burke, Virginia Crawford, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Moira Egan, Blair Ewing, Michael S. Glaser, Reginald Harris, W. Luther Jett, Greg McBride, Yvette Neisser, Elisavietta Ritchie, Sam Schmidt, Barbara M. Simon, Davi Walders, Mimi Zannino. (Baltimore Writers Alliance)

Short Fuse: The Global Anthology of New Fusion Poetry, ed. Todd Swift & Philip Norton. Includes: Regie Cabico, Kenneth Carroll, Jeffrey McDaniel, Richard Peabody, DJ Renegade, Silvana Straw. (anthology with CD, Rattapallax Press)

Telling it Slant: Avant Garde Poetics of the 1990s, ed. Mark Wallace and Steven Marks (University of Alabama Press, Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series)

These Hands I Know: African-American Writers on Family, ed. Afaa Michael Weaver. Contributors include E. Ethelbert Miller (Sarabande Books)

When Words Became Flesh, ed. Myisha Cherry. Includes Fahim Nassar, Giovanni, Rush, The Dri Fish, Makeda Crane, Takisha, Komplex (Mwaza Publications).


Elizabeth Alexander, Antebellum Dream Book (Graywolf Press)

Kwame Alexander, Do The Write Thing: 7 Steps to Publishing Success (essays, Manisy Willows Books)

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