Miles David Moore

Full Moon on K Street

DC Places Issue
Volume 7:3, Summer 2006

Full Moon on K Street

The moon has your face tonight,
hiding behind black-violet veils
of clouds, coy, intimating nothing.

Like an orange outside the grasp
of a starving child, you stab my heart.
All longing is the same.

No natural light penetrates
this street; the lampposts rule.
The high-rises have mothered

them from their concrete wombs,
bidding us rejoice in coldness,
disdaining the celestial tease.

The moon has phases. Though I pray
not, you might be one. The clouds
pull tight, tight around your mouth.


Miles David Moore was a member of the 1993 DC Slam Team. He is founder and host of the IOTA Poetry Series in Arlington, Virginia; film reviewer for the online arts magazine Scene4; and a former member of the Board of Directors of The Word Works. His books of poems are Rollercoaster (The Word Works, 2004), Buddha Isn't Laughing (Argonne House Press, 1999), and The Bears of Paris (The Word Works, 1995). To read more by this author: Audio Issue, Whitman Issue, Five Poems, Volume 3:4, Fall 2002.