Lidia Kosk

Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka

Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka Translates Lidia Kosk

Poetry in Translation Issue
Volume 16:3, Summer 2015

On Tree Branches

outside my window
in winter
crows grow
instead of leaves
cling to frozen branches
go away return
passing transient


Na gałęziach drzew

za moim oknem
w zimie
zamiast liści
rosną wrony|
przywierają do zmarzniętych gałązek
odlatują     powracają
przelotne   przemijające



Lidia Kosk is the author of eleven books of poetry and short stories, including two bilingual volumes, Słodka woda, słona woda/Sweet Water, Salt Water (Astra, 2009) and niedosyt/reshapings (Oficyna Literatow, 2003) . Published in literary journals and anthologies in the USA, Europe, and Japan, including International Poetry Review, Interpoezia, Lalitamba, and Notre Dame Review, her poems have been translated into eleven languages, and into choral compositions and multimedia video presentations. A lawyer, humanitarian, and world traveler, she resides in Warsaw, Poland, where she leads literary workshops and a Poets' Theater.

Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka is a scientist, bilingual poet, writer, poetry translator, photographer, and co-editor of the literary journal Loch Raven Review. Born and raised in Poland, she arrived in the USA in 1980 on a postdoctoral fellowship. She is the author of two books: Face Half-Illuminated and Oblige the Light, the winner of CityLit Press's fifth annual Harriss Poetry Prize. Kosk-Kosicka is the translator for two bilingual poetry books by Lidia Kosk: Słodka woda, słona woda/ Sweet Water, Salt Water (Astra, 2009), and niedosyt/reshapings (Oficyna Literatow, 2003). Her translations of poems by three Maryland Poets Laureate—Lucille Clifton, Josephine Jacobsen, and Linda Pastan—have been published in Poland; her translations of poems by Lidia Kosk, Ernest Bryll, and Wisława Szymborska have appeared in over 50 publications in the USA. She is a founding member of the DC-Area Literary Translators Network.