Introduction 24:2

This issue of Beltway Poetry travels from the prehistoric summer solstice to Sophocles in the 5th century, to Rumi in the 13th, to the 21st, and finally to a demonic wanderlust in 2666. The poems cross cultures in their translation from Farsi, Spanish, and Portuguese to English.

We cannot overlook history or culture, or nature. There are an infinite number of ways to describe all of these.  Unfortunately, they are often trite – but not in these works; ‘sky looks nauseous’, ‘moonlit skeleton’, ‘unlocked sun.’ To read these unique descriptions causes you to stop and take notice of the words that follow.

Please read and spread these selected works as they journey to mingle in your thoughts.

Enjoy our second issue of 2023.

Love and poetry,

Indran Amirthanayagam, Editor
Sara Cahill Marron, Associate Editor
Renee Gherity, Associate Editor