Grace Cavalieri

In Every Dream an Orphan Builds a House

In each room there is a stone that glows a name
Detour to the hall where Truth is stacked like building blocks
Down the hall are pictures on the wall, each child’s face is shown
The cats lie sleeping fat from touch
The dogs bound outside without a leash
Every day is a different color. Grey has been removed
From the earth back where it belongs
The orphans no longer have to paint houses with their sticks of red and blue
In the new world, they no longer need to imagine.



Grace Cavalieri's newest publication is What the Psychic Said (Goss Publications, 2020). She has twenty books and chapbooks of poetry in print, and has had 26 plays produced on American stages. She founded and still produces "The Poet and the Poem," a series for public radio celebrating 40 years on-air, now from the Library of Congress.. She received the 2013 George Garrett Award from The Associate Writing Programs. To read more by this author: Grace Cavalieri: Winter 2001; Introduction to "The Bunny and the Crocodile" Issue: Spring 2004; Grace Cavalieri on Roland Flint: Memorial Issue; Grace Cavalieri: Whitman Issue; Grace Cavalieri: Wartime Issue; Grace Cavalieri: Evolving City Issue; Grace Cavalieri: Split This Rock Issue; Grace Cavalieri on Ann Darr: Forebears Issue; Grace Cavalieri on "The Poet & The Poem": Literary Organizations Issue.