Ahmed Zaabar

I See Me in the Rupture of Water: Ahmed Omar Zaabar

أراني في انكسار الماء

I See Me in the Rupture of Water

أحمد زعبار
Ahmed Zaabar

أَخرُجُ، أسعى..
أبحثُ تحت المطرِ عن قصيدةٍ
أعودُ مبلّلاً
بمآسٍ لا يُجفّفها الكلام
* * *
دمٌ في المجاري
بقايا أطفالٍ في الطرقاتْ
يكتبون نصوصَ الحياة
* * *
الطفل الذي
-حافياً، عارياً-
يبحث عن قطعةِ خبزٍ قربَ الأشلاء
عادَ مغطىً بالدماء
في بطنه جوعٌ
في يده فراغٌ..
قبرٌ في قلبه..
في رأسه رصاصة
جوعُ الطفلِ أزعَج القنّاصة
* * *
يطلقون الموت/الرصاص
على الأملِ
على الفرحِ
على الشعر، على الموّالِ
على بسمةِ الأطفال
على التاريخِ
يطلقون الموت/الرصاص
على الحبِّ
ليَبنوا دولةَ الربِّ
* * *
أراني في انكسار الماء ولا أراني
ومنكسرَ المعاني
لا ذنبَ لي سوى حلمِ الحياة، وأنّي
فتىً يماني.
* * *

لأن نفوسهم مظلمة
يضيؤونه بالحرائقِ
وأراكَ طائرَ فينيق
ينهض من رماد الحريق
لكنه الإنسان الذي في أجسادكم
متى سيفِيق؟
متى سيفِيق؟

I go out, I seek…
I look for a poem in the rain
Only to come back soaked
With sorrows that no words can dry.

There is blood in the sewers,
The remains of children’s bodies in the streets
This is how
They write the texts of life.

That child, who was
– Barefoot and naked –
Looking for a piece of bread near the rubbles
Has returned, covered in blood
Hunger in his stomach
Emptiness in his hand
A grave in his heart…
And a bullet in his head
For the hunger of that child has incensed the sniper.

They shoot bullets/death
At hope,
Poetry and folk songs,
The smile of children,
They shoot bullets/death
At love
So that they build God’s realm.

I see me, and I don’t, in the rupture of water.
My words are broken
I have no fault but the dream of life,
And that I am a Yemeni boy.

For their souls are dark
They light you up with fires
But I see you as a phoenix
Rises from the ashes of fire
Yet it is the humanity in them I am wondering about
When will it wake up?
When will it wake up?

Ahmed Zaabar (Ouardanine -Tunisia, 1963), is a poet, a writer, and media specialist. He is a member of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Media Committee of the Arab Club in London. He is the former Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Arab Cultural Forum in Britain He has been working in the Media field and has been a resident in London since 1992 As a writer and poet, he published One poetry volume (Toffeh Almahabba (اح تّفالمحبة (and currently preparing to publish 2 more Poetry Volumes, as well as preparing the publication of 2 collections of his poems translated into French and Spanish. His poems revolve mainly around three themes: love, identity, and life and death. He published poems, short stories and critical articles and essays in various Arab Magazines and newspapers His poems have been published in many anthologies and he has participated in several international poetry festivals. He is the winner of the First Prize for Short Story at Sidi Bouzid Festival for Young Writers in Tunisia, in 1984.