Georgia Fee Residency

Georgia Fee Residency, ArtSlant, 8721 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 843, Los Angeles, CA  90069.  (608) 397-5480.  Residency in Paris for visual artists of all mediums and those writing about the visual arts (critics, curators, researchers) age 24 or older.  Recent graduates encouraged to apply, and those with projects relevant to the Paris setting.  Residents provided with travel expenses, and one-bedroom apartment in the 14th Arrondissement, across from Montparnasse Cemetery; appropriate for single occupant or couple.  No studio space provided, but a stipend can be used to rent separate studio space, materials, and other costs.  Residencies of 2 months; two awarded per year (winter and summer terms).  Program named for ArtSlant founder.  Open to artists from around the world, but all applications must be in English.  (visual arts)