Jude Paul Dizon

Two Poems

Orbit: The Asian American Issue
Volume 15:3, Summer 2014

Sweating in Quezon City

Sweating in Quezon City is waking to the new day’s humidity slowly rubbing your shoulder   Wash off last night’s perspiration only to be drenched in the morning dew   Sweating in Quezon City is a mixture of wind and car exhaust drying sticky skin, handkerchief running down the bridge of your nose and along your jaw line   Sweating in Quezon City is leaving the comfort of an air-conditioned room to meet your lover in a sunken garden   Sweating in Quezon City is your lover’s face glistening in the pink sunset   It is kissing the salt off his eyelids and neck, his skin clean as the earth



let us dangle
on Orion’s belt
and cast off
dancing into
the stellar expanse

let us drift
among the planets
lose ourselves
in our orbit
as all worlds
get swept into ours

let us surrender
to the gravity
of our bodies
into a million sparks

Let us fill the skies


Jude Paul Dizon is a West Coast Filipino stranded in DC. He is a student of June Jordan's Poetry for the People Program and a 2008 VONA participant.