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The poetry of conservation is inextricably tied to our use of our home, the Earth, as a resource, burning the very bed we lay our weary bodies on at night. Rivers overrun their beds, forests fires blaze through thousands of miles, tides rise inch by inexorable inch, and as we use the land and sky without brakes, conservation of this fragility is presented as a pipe dream. We lift up our hands and sigh and scream, saying we have crossed the tipping point. But have we? Can we still create a Peace Corps for the entire globe, separate plastics from organic matter and save ourselves and our cultures at the same time? To conserve means to protect life from destruction. To write poems is to make homes for our dreams and fears and our chance to save ourselves and the ecosystem.

 Our American legal system categorizes home depending on how a place is used: a person’s domicile is their true, principal, and permanent home, while their residency is a place where they expect to live for a temporary period of time.

The defining factor between these two words is the length of time you intend to live there. A residence is temporary, whereas a domicile implies an indefinite period. In other words, home is where a person intends to return.

We are asking poets to submit poems about the homes they conserve for themselves. Why did they choose what makes them up, are they fixed; permanent, how did they acquire them and does the intention to remain indefinitely in a place affect what we sing or pen to ourselves, in our deepest hearts, about the home to which we return, the one we never left? 

Send submissions (3-5 poems) in a single document to:

Submission Closing Date: March 8
In love and poetry,

Indran Amirthanayagam, Editor

Sara Cahill Marron, Associate Editor

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