Poems and Essays:

“You have a beautiful voice”: snippets of a laureateship


26 | Sandy Hook*

By Broad Potomac’s Shore: Great Poems from the Early Days of Our Nation’s Capital, Edited by Kim Roberts (University of Virginia Press, 2020)

A Blizzard Blues

A Small Tribute to Philip Levine

A Writing Assignment from Rita Dove

Abandoning Your Car in a Snowstorm: Rosslyn, Virginia

Affinity with Orwell

Annie Finch Portfolio

At the Emlekpont Remembrance Museum



Cacayo Ballesteros

Careless Love


Christmas Day in Washington

David Keplinger Translates Jan Wagner

Delicious, New Edition, 1986

Dream Variation

Early Cinema

Festival of Season Words

Five Poems

Five Poems

Five Poems

Five Poems

Five Poems from How to Prove a Theory

Five Poems from Lion Brothers

Five Poems from Umberto’s Night

For My Cross-Dressing Friends

For Peace in the Valley

Four excerpts from The South Orange Sonnets

Four Poems by Kimberly A. Collins

Four Poems from Compass

Four Poems from Immigrant

Four Poems from Loose Weather

Four Poems from Words We Might One Day Say

Four Poems in Response to “Mary Stuart”

Four Poems in Response to “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”


Holly Karapetkova Translates Dostena Lavergne

Holly Karapetkova Translates Kiril Merjanski

i come to the city

Impossible Bottle

Interview with Kim Roberts

Introduction to U.S. Poets Laureate Issue, Part II

Isabel’s Corrido

James Dickey: In Touch with Darkness

January 21, 2013

Jona Colson Translates Miguel Avero

July in Washington

Keith Cohen Translates Joseph Polius

Lake Rosseau, Canada

Larry Neal: In Service of Art

Looking at Buds

Love Among the Ruins

Monumental Merrill

Moonlight Dries No Mittens: Carl Sandburg Reconsidered

Mural for the Heart

Myra Sklarew on William Stafford

Nancy Arbuthnot and Lê Pham Lê Translate Lê Pham Lê

Ned Balbo Translates Georg Trakl


Nine Poems in Response to Richard III

Old Coat

Poetry and Happiness

Prawn Woman

Reasons for Poetry

Red-Winged Blackbird at Gettysburg Field

Robert Hayden on the Art of Saying What Cannot Be Said

Saundra Rose Maley Translates Rainer Maria Rilke

Seven Poems

Seven Poems

Six Poems

Six Poems by Anthony Hecht

Six Poems from The Mustard Seed

Some Notes on Form

Sonnet for a Namesake

Sonnet on an Old Comic Strip

Spender on Political Poetry in the 1930s and Auden’s Poetic Brinksmanship

Stanley Kunitz: Naked in His Prose

Swing It

The Baby

The Day of the Gwendolyn

The Happy Genius of the Household

The Poetry Office: A Photo Essay

The Switch

Three Poems

Three Poems

Three poems from Edge

Three translations of poems by Gerardo Diego

Ting Wang Translates Chen Li

Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Two Prose Poems

Two Sonnets

Two Sonnets

Unfurl the Flags of April

Variety in Poetry


W.S. Merwin and Eco-Justice

Watch Your Ears

Whale Songs

Why I Don’t Write Nature Poems