Poems and Essays:

“Not for Him the Fiery Lake of the False Prophet” by Martín Espada

#1: James Croal Jackson

$80,000, The Panic Room: Louisa Schnaithmann

& For You This: Kenny Carroll

😶, 💩, 😞: Ravi Shankar

…And Time Said to Me: Nadine Ltaif, translated by Christine Tipper

1/6/21 early impressions: David G. Lott

By Broad Potomac’s Shore: Great Poems from the Early Days of Our Nation’s Capital, Edited by Kim Roberts (University of Virginia Press, 2020)

A complete and perfect silence; Stick to intention; We are not separate: Peter Grandbois

A NON-FICTION POEM: Jaime Manrique

A Tree; Green Hat; What the Dog Says, Goes: Yu Xinqiao, translated by Anne Henochowicz

A Villanelle after Trump: Kimiko Hahn

Abbie Bradfield Mulvihill: Icelandic Saga

Adrift on Waves of Words: New Work by Michael Joyce, reviewed by W. Luther Jett

After the Election, Oakland Burns Down; Reading a Carl Phillips Poem Days after the 2020 Election from an Unread 2002 Issue of the Indiana Review, I Fall in Love, All Over, Again; Rock, Scissors, Paper, the Anniversary Edition, 11 September 2020; Why Law and Order Will Never Be Cancelled: Sandra Yannone

Agoraphobia, Mannequin, Dear Vovo: Serena Agusto-Cox

Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess’s Complaint; Hopper’s Summer: Luis Francia

American Stew: Brett Nelson

Angular Unconformity, Luster, Rain Shadow, Wrapped: Carole Greenfield

Anniversary Elegy; Landscape in December; Rebuttal: Maurya Simon

Antigone in Haiti: Sarah Thilykou

Architecture of Death: Kashiana Singh

Arrivals: Dominique Hecq

Art in Times of Crises, Volume I

Art In Times of Crises, Volume II

Assemblage, Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell, Sonnet: Jeannine Pitas

At the Birth of the James Webb Telescope, Dead Cat Dream: Henry Crawford

Avant-Garde: Ana Márquez

Back Nine Back Story; Boom-Boom In The Uber Room; Unfunded Phrenology Mandates; Rates of Exchange; Dirt Devils: Marc Nasdor

Ballroom Dancing with the Bestial Dark, Citizen (Skeletal Villanelle #2), Teatro Antico: Steven Ratiner

Beginning of the Shifts; Another Morning the Heat Has Us; Corvid Teachings: Chad Norman

Bharata; Kashmir Sequence; Nightcap: Amit Majmudar

Bhaubeej Blessing For Our Brother: Ujjvala Bagal Rahn

Blue Coronet, Grey Area, Eighteen, Il passagio della morte (Passage of Death): Dawad Philip

Brown Headed Cowbird: Hazel J. Hall

Butterfly; Rain, Star & Moon; Rainbow: Mari Kashiwagi, translated by Takako Lento

Cabinet of curiosities; Far Planet: Marc Vincenz

Citizen’s Arrest; Pine Hollow Convict; Fertility Doctor: Margo Taft Stever

Claudia Gary: The Gate Reopens

Come Si Dice Sponge:Jim Petterson

Corps Lumière / Body Light: Siham Bouhlal, selections translated by Lulu Norman

Crooked Time; Meme; Lucky e Zorba: Antje Stehn

Deferment; Count: Luther Jett

Del buen sentido (Of Good Sense), Poema dos (Poem 2), Las muertas de Juárez (The Dead Women of Juarez): Carlos Aguasaco, translated by Carol O’Flynn, Pilar González

Destino (Destiny), Desalojo (Sweeping Out), Estrellas (Stars), Mirar el sol (Look at the Sun), Natacha Feliz Franco, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam


Eight Rumi Poems translated by Fatima Haidari with David Keplinger

El Fin De Lo Infame: Mónica Zepeda

El Sueño del Mundo (Dream of the World): Ada Zapata-Arriarán, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Epilogue: To my Father, Juana M. Ramos: Translation by Iara Cardo

Epiphany: Beth Dulin

Estiletes (fratura 1)/ Daggers (Fracture 1); Ordem da horda 1/The Way of the Horde 1; Ordem da horda 2/The Way of the Horde 2; Vulto 1/Shade 1; Vulto 2/Shade 2; Vulto 3/Shade 3: Jose Salgado Maranhão, translated by Alexis Levitin

Every Time The Sun Came Up, on imbolc: Haley Joy Harris

Everything All at Once: A Dialogical Review of Ravi Shankar’s The Many Uses of Mint: New and Selected Poems 1998-2018; Lisa Pegram and Paul T. Corrigan

Expectation, Manifesto Destiny, Eat the Mango, Give Yourself Away, Blue Wave, A Brief Description of Life in the Sky: Terence Winch

Fishing for Winter Flounder: W.D. Ehrhart

Fishing for Winter Flounder: W.D. Ehrhart

Five Poems: Mervyn Taylor, translated by Sylvie Kandé

Four Poems Listening to Music (Blues In The Night, Piece of my Heart, Gymnopedies, Night Train), February 1981: The Systematic Murder of Black Children–Dick Lourie

From ” The Damage Done”: Selections, Susana H. Case

From Thinaimayakkam allathu Nenchodu Kilaruthal (“Binary Overlapping or Speaking to the Heart”): R. Cheran, translated by Anushiya Ramaswamy & Geetha Sukumaran

George Freek: At a Bend In the Night, Autumn Night, The Stars Far Above Me

Goodbye Bouquet; New York in Our Hearts; Alone: Jennifer Rathbun

Graph; Thickness: Marie-Ange Claude

Growing Old, Autumn: Adam Day

Hand-me-down Hymnal; Superego: Oak Morse

Harbinger; At The Museum;Neighborhood Holiday Party: Terence Winch

He Couldn’t Swim; The Year Before The Virus; Small Wars: Mervyn Taylor

Himen Natural (Natural Hymen), De mi terciopelo bajan duendes con agallas magníficas. (From my velvet genies step down with magnificent desires.): Pauline Le Roy, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

History (redux); Walk on All Fours; Sirens in Queens: Andrei Codrescu

Homing: Megan Hutchinson

Honest Hope: Stephen Paul Miller

Hong Kong: Anonymous

Hope, Day After: Chris Bullard

How to Write a Telenovela, Telenovela 12: Susana H. Case

icarus, a vampire sees the sunrise for the first time: Emma Jo Black

In a Shop in Nakhon Pathom: Bhavika Sicka

In Our Beautiful Bones, Zilka Joseph: Reviewed by Jeannine M. Pitas

Inner Light; What do you make; What are you drinking; Not traveling: Joan Mazza

Instrucciones de uso (Usage Instructions): Chema Paz Gago, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam


Introduction to Some Of Us Press Issue

Introduction to the Cave Canem 20th Anniversary Issue

Introduction to the LGBTQ Issue

Introduction, “Poets Respond to Shakespeare”

Introduction: “VESSELS”: BPQ Fall 2022

Introduction: Issue 22.3. Elegies/Lamentations/Prayers

Introduction: Issue 22.4 Rooted

Introduction: Poets in Federal Government Issue

Is Anyone Listening? Love that Cannot Live Long Enough: Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

Issues When Leaving; Proximities; “That One and Other Stories”: Rito Ramón Aroche, translated by Kristin Dykstra

Landscape: Fabricio Estrada, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Landslide; Turbulence: S.B. Merrow

Learning to Float, Witness: Suzanne Lapstun

Legacy, Self-portrait With Mantis: Ann A. Philips

Let Them Not Say, Vest, She Breathes in the Scent, Heels, My Hunger: Jane Hirshfield

Like a Bomb That Hasn’t Gone Off: Hayley Phillips

Long Time Coming, Alien Creature at the Door, Christmas at Grandma’s, Teflon, Coming In Off the Farm: Donald Krieger

Los Amantes/The Lovers, Hablando con mi padre/Talking with my Father: Marilia Peceros Valencia, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Lost Day: Carolyn Tipton

Lot fala com o anjo (Lot Speaks to the Angel), Folhas Novas (Fresh Leaves), Através da chuva e da névoa ( Through Rain & Fog), Um dia não muito longe não muito perto (One Day Not Too Far Off and Not Too Soon): Ruy Belo, translated by Alexis Levitin

Malach HaMavet; Egg, Seed, Pupa, Spore; Labor: Lisa Rosinsky

Mama, Who’d Have Thought: Zilka Joseph

March 21, 2021; Patricia Spears Jones

March 23:1 Introduction

Marriage is What Brings Us Together: David James

Mientras nacen las ciudades (While cities are born), Natalia Gomez, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Migraine; ‘America is Dead’: Serena Agusto-Cox

Mother, Young Men Christian Association, Pope and Circumstances, From Breast Cancer to Neither/Closure, When the Time Arrives: Edna Shochat


My Body, My Choice? Anum Sattar

Napoleon’s Sword: Alfred Nicol

Necessity; Lines In A Time of Lockdown; When You Are Called; Does Not Your Experience…: Bonnie Naradzay

Nephophobia: Jeannine Pitas

Night Out in a Deserted City, Home, On the Train Between: Sue Eisenfeld

No Modifier at All: Margo Berdeshevsky

Normal Love: Hans Robinson Loja

NÓS, PESCA, HERESIA: Fernanda Spinelli

Ode to a Woman in Mining; 18: Catherine Gonick

On Spring and Renewal: Catherine Gonick

Our Situation By W. Luther Jett: Reviewed by Kristin Kowalski Ferragut

Packing up: David Pratt

Peerless: Janis Greve

Poem in Which I Dream of Ice; Hippo River: W. Luther Jett

Poem Written While Standing in Prayer, The Colour War, Prayer: W. Luther Jett

Poem, Valentina Rojas: Translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Poems, Lilian Silva: Translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Poems, Renato Sandoval: Translated by Roxana Peramás

Postcard: Lake Calhoun, Minnesota*; Barbed Wire in the Desert*: Anya Achtenberg

Preface to the Some Of Us Press Issue

Problemas Al Salir, Proximidades, «Ese Y Otros Cuentos»: Rito Ramón Aroches: Translated by Kristin Dykstra

Prose Poem Issue Introduction

Reconstitute: Introduction, Issue 22.2

Rendition, Caesura, Voyce: Dominique Hecq

Retrato (Portrait), Vento (Wind): Astrid Cabral, translated by Alexis Levitin

Revelations III, A Complication or Two: Cliff Saunders

Reverse Autopsy: Daisy Novoa Vaisquez

Review of Indran Amirthanayagam’s The Migrant States; by Jonathan Harrington

Rien (Nothing), Veuillez m’excuser pour ce retard (Please Excuse Me for Being Late), Mon ventre (Womb), Katia-Sofia Hakim: translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Rules for the Direction of the Maid: Dawn Potter

Rules of Thumb, A Hive Mind, Friday the Thirteenth, The Widow, Spindrift: Maurya Simon

Sabah Carrim: From San Marcos to Beau Bassin, or, In Search of Home

Salute to a Snail in Jail; The Anatomy of Melancholy; Twenty Six Factorial; “Sulmo Mihi Patria Est”; M Theory; God Botherers: Şebnem Şenyener

Sandwerder, Along the Path, Dead Kitten, Aleš Šteger: Translated by Brian Henry

Selected Haiku from The Magic of Madagascar: Abhay K.

Self Portrait In A Laundromat Mirror; Passport to Equality; Don’t I Wish I Was Taking Giant Steps: Karthik Purushothaman

Self-Driven: Ariel Montoya, translated by Silvia Rafti

Shock, Enrique Bernales Albites: Translated by Sarli E. Mercado and Lori DiPrete Brown

Shredder Before the Big Move: Martin Dickinson

Soy un río (I Am a River), Una idea en el comienzo (An Idea In the Beginning), Poética (Poetics): Jorge Contreras Herrera, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Subh-e-firaaq: Morning of Separation; at West 4th; Until; Image: Adeeba Shahid Talukder

Sunday, Jack Tar Hotel, Room 773, Three O’clock: Kevin Grauke

Syrian Refugee at the Dental Clinic; Traveling with the Speed of Light: Zeina Azzam

Take me to the light – where: Antigoni Katsadima

Take, If I Saw You Now, Other Fish: Karina van Berkum

The Damage Done, Susana H. Case: reviewed by Jonathan Harrington

The Disappearing Girl: Annie Przypyszny

The Dream Returned: Introduction

The lost poems, “Cut a banana leaf,” A Trimester to remember-The Police chief, The Forest officer, and the Suitcase 2021: Nipuni Ranaweera

The Patent Lawyer Had It Wrong; Listen to the Drums; All the Stops; Shifting Planktons of Later Joy; I Was Always On An Aeroplane: Marc Vincenz

The Pure: Adeeba Shahid Talukder

The Screeching Of Cats In Thessalonica: Jennifer O’Riordan

The Snooker Room, Winter Freezes Trees In Tortured Positions: Willa Schneberg

The Volcanologist, Split Your Skull, Monster, Even Better Than That: Marc Vincenz

The Wall Meditations #3,4,5: Tim Tomlinson

Two Poems: Gary Young

Under the Umbrella, Silent Scream, Traveling Light: Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

Under; At your window; Sylvie Poisson, translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Unstitched threads; Earthworms; Changing: Antje Stehn

Viral Dream: Rana Bitar

Vodka in the Freezer; puddles: Caleb Knight

W.D. Ehrhart: How Poems Are Created

We Snowed to Show our Intention; Rings; Doubt Is Never the Burden; Banishing Creature Fear: Sara Cahill Marron

When We Lose Poems, Mario Murgia; Barbarians, Antonio Rodríguez Jiménez; Catalogue of Bones, Cesar Vallejo: translated by Alfred Corn

White Wooden Crosses, Julien Vocance: Translated by Alfred Nicol

Why I couldn’t sleep until morning: Tara Campbell

Word Associations: Clinical Global Impression: Lela Hannah Ross

You Say We’re Like Magnets; The River: Kristin Ferragut

Your Lotus Gaze; I am a Shrine: Kashiana Singh

[There’s that other Mom whose son really went through with it.], Reading Tolstoy at Twenty-One, and Crocus Vernus: Virginia Bell