Poems and Essays:

😶, 💩, 😞: Ravi Shankar

After Memo Writing

Alchemy; House: Grace Cavalieri

Annual Report

ARGUMENT, DOLE V. ARCO – 921 F.2d 484 (3d Cir. 1990)

Art in Times of Crises, Volume I

Black Hawk Waltz

Cabinet of curiosities; Far Planet: Marc Vincenz

Case Statement

Chronicling Our Splintered Age: Patricia Spears Jones; Reviewed by Luther Jett

Citizen’s Arrest; Pine Hollow Convict; Fertility Doctor: Margo Taft Stever

Coming Home To A Mangrove Forest, Diana Woodcock

Corona Contemplations: Beth Wolfe

Cratchit’s Christmas

Dear Eastern: Don Berger

Deferment; Count: Luther Jett

Drowning; Family Dinner: A Metaphysical Check-In; Escape and Loss; Eyes of the Dead: Kristin Kowalski Ferragut


Fingering the Past

First Books III

Friday Night

From Dung Beetles to Bingo

Gerry & Ray; A Hive; School Bully Song: John Wall Barger

Goodbye Bouquet; New York in Our Hearts; Alone: Jennifer Rathbun


He Couldn’t Swim; The Year Before The Virus; Small Wars: Mervyn Taylor

Homeward endlessly homeward (sigh): Kirk Greenway

Homing; Come and find me; Singularity: Anne Casey

Honest Hope: Stephen Paul Miller

Hong Kong: Anonymous

In the Weeds; What I Had and What I Lost; What Remains: Susana Case

Inner Light; What do you make; What are you drinking; Not traveling: Joan Mazza


Introduction to Some Of Us Press Issue

Introduction to the Cave Canem 20th Anniversary Issue

Introduction to the LGBTQ Issue

Introduction, “Poets Respond to Shakespeare”

Introduction: Poets in Federal Government Issue

J. Edgar Song

Melanie Janisse Barlow. Thicket. (Palimpsest Press, 2019) Reviewed by John Wall Barger

Migraine; ‘America is Dead’: Serena Agusto-Cox


Nafas in the Kitchen; To the Israeli Officer Who X-rayed and Swabbed Our Mother’s Ashes: Zeina Azzam

Necessity; Lines In A Time of Lockdown; When You Are Called; Does Not Your Experience…: Bonnie Naradzay

No Crying in Baseball

Note to An Old Friend: Nancy Lefenfeld

Office Suicide

Our Situation By W. Luther Jett: Reviewed by Kristin Kowalski Ferragut

Paperwork, Your Name is Martha

Passer domesticus: Mark Pawlak

Peer Review

Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Federal Worker

Poem, Valentina Rojas: Translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Poems, Lilian Silva: Translated by Indran Amirthanayagam

Poems, Renato Sandoval: Translated by Roxana Peramás

Preface to the Some Of Us Press Issue


Prose Poem Issue

Prose Poem Issue Introduction

Selected Haiku from The Magic of Madagascar: Abhay K.

Self-Driven: Ariel Montoya, translated by Silvia Rafti

Self-Portrait with Ball; Lament for an Accountant (1959); A Memorable Occasion: Opening the Doors; At the orphanage Lee told another kid that; On a Contemporary Locution: Baron Wormser

Shelter in Place

Slack Tide, Massey’s Landing, David Salner

Sonnet 130; Sonnet 129: Liza Achilles


The “Thinghood” of Monuments

The Collector; Global Warning: W. Luther Jett

The Commuter

The Imperial Cockroach; The South, Entropy: Jonathan Harrington

The Meeting

The Melancholy Sound Of Fog Horns; To Merope, Somewhere In The Sky: Stephen Dunn

The New Normal: Gillian Thomas

The Sick Person

The Snares of This World; Walking the River: Roberto Christiano

The Viscosity of Corona Time: Carol Jennings

The Woman’s Wardrobe

There are No Black Bears in My State, Ron Riekki

United and the PBGC

Visiting the Convent at San Marco; On Expecting a Notice of Eviction: Catherine Gonick

Vodka in the Freezer; puddles: Caleb Knight

When I’m Gone, I’ll Come Back as a Window; You Won’t Know This Love; Love in the Arctic: Claudia Serea

Your Favorite Number