David Lott

1/6/21 early impressions: David G. Lott

It is hard to think of a comparable insurrectionary moment, when a building of great significance was seized, that involved so much milling around.
— Timothy Snyder

for a new year, a new coinage:


a blend of terrorism and tourism

like when you break into the Capitol

take photos, record video

steal some souvenirs

behave menacingly

model the garb of your favorite side

then walk right out, scot-free

excited to tell the folks back home

about your memories

of your trip to DC


oh, one more thing about tourorism

whites only need apply

David G. Lott’s most recent poetry has appeared in the anthology This is What America Looks Like (Washington Writers’ Publishing House, 2021), with more forthcoming this year in Train River Publishing’s COVID-19 anthology. His bilingual (English/Spanish) collection, New to Guayama, translated by Ángel T. Tuninetti, was released in 2017. He is currently poetry editor at The Sligo Journal as well as an associate editor at Potomac Review and has been a professor of English and ESL at Montgomery College, MD, since 1992.